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Hello there,

In this tread I let you guys know I officially started developing the "balance patch" This treads main subject is about the status of the project and what I have implimented. I make different treads whenever I feel the need of the comunity to make suggestions. Feel free to post your opinion based on my changes. I will also make posts about the things I have incuded or have trouble implimenting.



Core features

1. Making many items less useless by rebalancing their stats.
1A Rebalancing the magic rare prefix affix pool IMPLIMENTED
1B Rebalancing Uniques and Runewords IMPLIMENTED
2.A Changing some area levels of the game, expecialy in nm IMPLIMENTED
2.B Rebalancing beastary on several area's IMPLIMENTED
3. Making chest drops more consistent with monster drops. IMPLIMENTED
4 Revamping the concept of setitems by:
4a Drastically increase their dropchance, making them more common as rares (same situation as 1.06) IMPLIMENTED
4b Rebalancing their stats and drastically lower their requirements. IMPLIMENTED
5 The possibility to convert and revert characters from 1.13c to this patch and between. CANCELLED

Other features:

1. Added a patchstring with some abbreviations and recolered several stings making looting items on higher playersettings more convinient.
2. Super Uniques now drop the same tc as the area lvl they spawn in.
3. Increased the max stacks of Tomes and keys to 100 and bolts and arrows to 500.
4. Runes from El to Lem are three times more likely to spawn while gems face a 25-30% reduction in their drops. Dropchance of runes ranging from Pul to Zod hasn't been altered in any way.
5. Rebalanced the runedrops in all acts (act 1 normal now drops runes) for hell difficulty nearly nothing changes.
6. Increased the number of boss monsters in normal to a number slightly less than NM.
7. Added Thropy runes, containing the same rarity as 1.10 high runes.

Rebalancing all elite items. 100%
Implimenting other features 100%
All droprate related changes 100%

Generating all items to check them 100%
General Testing 100%
Beta testing char (lvl 1 till 85) lvl 52

Important moddisclamer all items found while developping the patch won't be used nor will they spread in the SPF community. The character posting the screenshots is not legit and has been deleted.
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Step one, First steps

The story

Today 7-6-16 I decided to start the actual development. Ofcourse every new start is problematic and so was getting the actual txt files changeable. I started with a thing that I could easely do. Changing the amount of low runes that drop. One of the things I disliked about the dropsystem is the fact that low runes are much rarer as flawless gems. So I thought bugger, lets try to fix this issue. After writing the code requiered to make the change my program didn't impliment my changes (costed me an hour to find out it wasn't doing anything). Due to an even worse error my just edited treasureclass.txt disappeared from my pc. So yeah, great start bro. After fixing the admin rights I decided to modify a simple check to see if my programing did do anything. So I wrote a line where every chest in LK would drop only Lo runes. After the first poppable a Lo dropped indeed. Good now we can get started. I removed the Lo line and written a treasureclassex.txt my changes. After I did this I took my stringfile (from an earlier failed project) and included it.

The changes

- Act 1 normal now drops runes
- Normal difficulty now drops from El to Io (Io appears in act 5 only) and Nm difficulty should drop from El to Vex where Gul, Vex are only selected by (act 5 nm chests or alvl66)
- Normal has a siderunedrop occuring (Up to Sol) to make these runes more common, on NM two sidedrops occur (Up to Lem and up to Sol) and on Hell both sidedrops are up to Lem.
- Due to the runeincreasement the amount of gems is reduced by ~30%.
- Runes from chests have been increased by one stage. Example: Previously chests dropped up to Vex on act 1 Hell they now drop up to Lo. Reason for this change is to match the drops from monsters, 70% of act 1 is already Lo dropping scource.

Screenshots to show the string changes, (ignore the typo please)
Screenshot003.jpg Screenshot004.jpgScreenshot002.jpg
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I just opened a thread talking about balance in single player!!
Reading the whole thread right now!

I could give you a hand, I know my stuff around modding D2 and I'm happy someone else started making a balance mod for D2 single player (if that's what I'm getting you're doing...)

I know some code edits, like one useful is that magic items drop already identified; another one (that I still don't understand how to implement, but some mods already did so I'm pretty sure it's possible) is the gold auto pickup. The gold string looks ugly because there's 2-4 spaces after the number, so my guess would be make the word "Gold" in a gold color (if autopickup gold is enabled; otherwise your string mod is enough).

Anyway what are you targeting? Items? Skills? Check out my other thread for the concerns I had for single player btw
Also I don't understand this line
Due to the runeincreasement the amont of gems is reduced by ~30%.
EDIT: Also a way to not clutter the screen for pots and scrolls, I did this:
[Scroll] Town Portal
[Scroll] Identify
For potions:
[Pot.] "Type" (for example, rejuvenation would be [Pot.] Small Rejuv and the part Pot. is written in violet; health pots have it in red).
I also added a special sound when sets or unique items drop


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@D.J Sure I'd love to get a hand. I am indeed trying to make a balance patch for single player and gathering the opinion from the comunity. Be sure to check both of my treads. One of the corefeatures is however people should be able to put their characters from 1.13c into this patch and be able to revert their characters from this patch to 1.13c (or d). That means for instance, I cannot add new runewords nor change runeorders nor add new setitems or sets. If code editing is convertable and doesn't lead to character corruption as changing itemstatcost.txt does then I am all eared! I am also having an unsolvable problem as transfering items with new magic prefix or sufixes to 1.13d doesn't keep their level requirement.

Edit: The line about runeincresement means that I have changed in treasureclassex.txt some of the gem drops to common runes. About the changes you post, I sure like them but they have to be convertable when changing patches.
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I guess you are running the game through -direct -txt right?
So if I understood correctly (sorry my english is a bit rusty) you want to make a balance mod in a way so that people can make a character in your mod and then revert to normal Diablo without a problem. In this case I think everything that "adds" something is a No-No. No new runewords, no new skills, no new items, no new monsters, no new areas, no anything new. Basically if you ever need to add a line, most of the case it's a no.

BUT there's a BUT. You can add lines in treasureclassex, that brings 0 problems I'm pretty sure. You are just adding another containers for drops (that's how I called them back in the days). But since we are just modifying numbers I don't even think you need to add new lines. If you want to keep the gem drop intact, I think you can add new lines though. For example you could add "LowRunesDropAct1" and add this to Act1Good. But you probably already did this but you lowered the gem change anyway. For code edits, I'm still figuring out how to add the auto pickup gold but that's gonna take a long time, I'm no code expert. For the other small changes, we don't probably need many, just dropping magic identified. That is no problem, just a swap of a DLL file wenever you want to revert back.

I am also having an unsolvable problem as transfering items with new magic prefix or sufixes to 1.13d doesn't keep their level requirement.
Mmmh. But what patch are you using to modify the game? You're on 1.13c or 1.13d? Lots of people use 1.10 I saw for mods, but that's for heavier stuff. We should be good to go with 1.13. As for this quote ^ above: did you add new prefix/sufixes?

But yeah as you said, you can't "add" anything, we can just "fine tuning" if you want to keep your mod swappable (why do you want to do that, btw?)

I'm no big modder but I know my way around .txt files, so if anything hit me up maybe I could help you (or maybe I can join you scratching our head LOL)

BTW A little tip, try to have a BIGGER PICTURE of what the mod/patch wants to achieve (and I think asking around here is a good idea since a lot of peopel are still active in the SP community). Then, when you know what you are shooting for, you can start fine tuning every part of your mod (for a week/month you focus only on UI changes such as strings and stuff; then you move on to drops; then you go on on making gold something useful, etc).

Good luck I'll be around!


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Surely if you are gong to create a mod, you would want to start from the most recent patch? 1.14b I believe.


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Yap now I am running with -direct -txt. When everything is done I try to inject it in to d2patch.mpq so everybody can just change the mpq files whenever they like. I still can add new lines to uniques.txt and magicprefix.txt and magicsuffix.txt (did that before worked perfectly) the only aspect the game doesn't store when converting and reverting is the level requirement but it DOES store a levelrequirement penalty. The reason I want to make it compatible is the comunity here loves to timetravel items and characters from other patches. This patch goal is basically to give players an experience where they seem to play regular d2 with some fixed issues. Really many things actually CAN be edited exept set items itemstatcost.txt and runewords. The bigger picture is highlighted in the corefeatures. I am still brainstorming however on the magic rare prefixes and suffixes.

@Malevolent I'd rather use 1.13c or 1.13d for that mather because the community play these patches over 1.14b. Switching characters from 1.14c in this patch shoudn't be a problem either. About the question if this is a mod, technically it is. However I am not really adding new content I am more focused on fixing existing issues. Talking about mods is a bit aigainst the forum rules so I'd rather call it a balance patch supported by me and the community.

@all Step two will be changing some area levels and fixing the problem with superuniques don't drop the treasureclass they should based on the (new) area level. Spoiler: No area level becomes over 66 in nm or 85 in hell.
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The problem with adding new unique items, for example, is what happens when they revert a character that has one of these items? They'll get a bad data error ofc, because that unique item doens't exist in the table of unmodded diablo

I heard only bad things about 1.14 so I'll stick 1.13, at least we know with what bugs we are working with, and what of them can't be fixed (I found this link but there's probably more http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6037267083 )

I read the bigger picture and I like it that you are trying to make sets and some uniques useful, that's how I see it too. Do you have any plans on making some skills better/modify them a little bit? Or they will go untouched?

There's a lot to write about this btw and it's late so I'll see you in the next days, and nice idea, I had this for a while but never had the will or time to do it


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WTF Ok now I'm confused. Is it possible that I was using some new graphics for the unique? Anyway that's great news.
As of now, it seems like we all need to estabilish ground rules on what to modify and what to keep, and it looks like you're already doing a great job on that.

I asked around and the autogold pickup plugin sadly works only for 1.10 because it uses a system that works only for that patch :-(


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Step two, return of the Set items

Today I had quite some sparetime to spend on the project. I decided today is going to be treasureclassEX.txtday. I know what you guys are thinking a txt day has to be a boring day. Yes it was a boring day. But it was a boring day with quite some results. One of the results was an epic Treeharl fail. I was testing at what levels several items could drop at hell and what treasureclass occurs when I realised there was a level collum on treasureclassEX.txt. GG two hours waisted due to plain stupidity. But after being stupid the sun shines bright. I managed to adress some of the aspects that bug me personally the most and that is inconsistency. After today I hope I am done with treasureclassEX!

The Changes
-Tweaked the itemlevel card on NM and Hell meaning several non obligatory areas see an increase in arealevel.
- Super Uniques (Bonebreaker for example) drop now items based on the area level of regular monsters
- Dramatically increased the amount of set items that appear during any stage of the game. Whenever equipment drops there is a whopping aditional 3,2%!! that item will be a set and not a failed set. This is independed from MF.
- Slightly increased the equipmentdrop from chests. For example act 3 chests drop now up to tc84, this is the same as monsters in the area.

- 3,2% increase of set items can't be balanced, can it? Yest it can. This is ironically exactly the same value as on diablo 1.00 till 1.06 with 50mf on alvl 80. Set items will be tweaked to be more early game usable and are less focussed on late game. In 1.00 these items where easy to get easy to use and easy to sell when you don't need them.
- But how about exeptional sets and elite sets, they have much better stats than regular sets? First of all The dropratio of set items in hell is 10% elite, 21% exeptional and 69% normal meaning you won't be spammed with elite set items. Still a Grisworld shield is now just as rare as a Crecendum. Bear in mind the set items will be rebalanced!
- What happened to bosses and boss monsters that could drop set items? Nothing, they can still drop setitems based on tc. The 3.2% increase is a dropbias not a removal of other drops.

To do in the next days
- Rebalancing set items
- Rebalancing set items (One of the most important parts, that is why i wrote it twice!)
- Testing the area levl changes and treasureclassex.txt.

Some screenshots for the hungy screen hunters.Screenshot010.jpg Screenshot011.jpg Screenshot012.jpgalvl changes.jpg
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Now you're forcing me to wait for this mod to start my new character, ahahahah. If you need a tester from level 1 I think I can give this a go when it's in alpha/beta state
On a side note, do you know Vanilla Frosting? The guy who made it posted it in my thread and it seems he wanted to achieve a similar goal to yours. Just saying, you probably already know it.

By rebalancing the sets you mean just tuning the numbers, or literally adding/removing some stats? Or just the requirements (you were talking about requirements as well I think).
Anyway anyway, if this mod keeps going and you actually manage to release it, this will make A LOT of people start again D2. It's gonna be huge


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@D.J Thanks for your input :). Yes I do need a tester, but first I need to bring this patch in alpha state and make sure most of the changes are convertable and revertable to 1.13c. Hence even I don't have the time testing it properly myself every now and then. I do know about Vanilla Frosting, but my goal differs slightly for his as I try to keep the main d2 strucure of skills alvls and drops the same. These changes basically revert aspects from older patches back to 1.13c. I disagree with the need of buffing skills but I plan tweaking some items so some characters can use less used builds.

Rebalancing sets mean for example a major reduction in the required level. Basically on vanilla set items are 80% as good as regular uniques and 95% with full set. I am going to mostly nerf stats in order to let characters use full tal for example at lvl 55 instead of 71. Basically you can get the full sets when running and killing mobs anywhere on hell not related to the TC system. Due to this tweak most set items get hit by the nerfstick although several normal set items get even buffed!I am still brainstorming about the actual changes however. I do hope I can get the comunity back at playing D2.


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Post changed due to obsolete content. I will make new screenshots of full sets. (Obsolete post, can be deleted)
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Step three Treeharl TEH set master strikes aigain!

Two days of hard labor and 128 rebalanced set items later.... Finally I am done wit the sets! It feels like, well doing over 1500 lk runs in one day (and hitting 3 Sur patterns but nvm). Guess what, the first time I programmed the new set drops in treasureclassEX.txt I did it wrong, aigain! So I could make all the entries aigain. The problem was MF did influence the set drops where it shoudn't do so. 1/500 (0,02% of the items) spawned unique at 300 mf. That might not seem like a big issue but it is! Imagine a set corona is picked this way, since the sets don't involve tc but a fixed drop that means the chance of COA appearing is about 10 or 20 times higher than it should be. I am very lucky I found this bug already and yes it has been propperly fixed! Brainstorming about how set items should be is quite hard aswell, you need to get decent ideas over and over and over aigain. Nearly all set items can be equiped at clvl 60 instead of clvl 75. Basically set items and sets are now to be concidered as moderate gear that is very easy to farm. Just like 1.06.


- All sets and set items have tweaked stats.
- Nearly all set items are usable before clvl 60
- Superchests can now drop sets (aigain 3,2% are sets)! They can't and won't ever drop unique items.
- Implimented higher quantity of several junk items (see post above)
- Increased the number of total number of random bosses on normal difficulty to be 1 less than nm.


Yesterday I did 150 lower kurast runs to see how the new set drops from chests would behave and I must say I think the new drop values make the game more intresting. I found 11 elite Set items in 150 lower kurast runs (and I found a Vex which I can't use Q_Q). I guess finding full tal requiers you to do over 2k lower kurast runs. Common runes are now truely common. Rune drops actually look more like 1.10 now 99,5% of the runes is lem or below! Still the droprates from runes of pul+ is the same as 1.13d. Set items now take the place of moderately usefull gear without being op on any way. Wearing set items actually has a drawbackas they generally give lesser resist and defense but I guess they fit the new meta very well.


Next up are unqiue items. I start rebalancing them in a day or two. If development continues this way I might recruit some beta testers in about two weeks!

Screenshots of LK:
Screenshot021.jpg Screenshot026.jpg Screenshot024.jpg
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@mods Sorry for continuous posts but I can't edit my posts older posts and separate them with new images and text. I just fail doing so.

Anyways here are some changelogs I made today. Feel free to discuss them here. Be sure to click on them to make them readable! Red means nerf, green means slightly tweaked, blue means a big buff and yellow is a change of concept. ChangelogR part one.jpgChangelogU part one.jpg
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I doubt I will play (just because D2 is getting old to me ofc :p) but I do like the changes so far. ESPECIALLY text changes. It reminds me of PoE in that you can make custom filters to ignore the vast majority of loot that you don't want. It's more important in that game because SO many items drop, but just making the text smaller and easier to read helps in D2 plenty :)


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@pharphis Thanks for the feedback. It really does help ingame alot. It is based on the same principle as the FAM RRM.

Anyways lets continue with the main post of today. I am still looking for feedback based on my changelogs.

Step four: GG Enigma

Story: Two days of rebalancing have past. I am sure the hungy Rock Worms have checked the changelogs I have posted already. Basically I am rebalancing all the runewords and uniques. But Treeharl shoudn't you balance the uniques before the runewords? I answered bold "I lied gg (Q_Q)"I already did 20% of the unique database as shown in the post before but the runewords got me hooked up. I bet this post will cause some QQing about why I nerfed your favorite godlike gear to a point where I think it is aceptable. Do take note that only 11 of the 57 runewords I have touched have been nerfed. So yes basically I tried making new options usable. Now you actually have to concider if spending a Vex at a flail is a good use of your Vex. The changelogs are not final meaning that things could change.


- See the logs I have posted in the post above and in this post. All runewords are done!
- Instagibbed (as in unreal tournament) Enigma, CtA, Infinity and Grief

All runewords have to be tested by me to see if the changes I wrote actually work, mistakes are very easely made here.

To do
-Testing changes
- Balancing the other 80% of the uniques
- More testing
- More testing
- Change magic prefix and suffix pool and change item bases and add automods
- Godzilla amount of testing.

Screenies and changelog (be sure to click on it)!

ChangelogR part two.jpg Screenshot054.jpg Screenshot055.jpg Screenshot056.jpg Screenshot057.jpgScreenshot061.jpg
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You killed the one thing about eBoTD that made it better than Grief. The IAS.

This looks more like "more balanced for Treeharl's play style" patch.


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@maxicek Could you explain how Grief is better than botd prehaps? If one rw got hit by the nerfstick it is grief. Here is a picture. Same stats as posted in my changelogs.Edit: New changelog is up.

Screenshot053.jpgChangelogU part two.jpg
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This looks more like "more balanced for Treeharl's play style" patch.
I actually thought the same after the first postings. I felt like most of the changes would benefit characters that are already very playable and popular (ie. powerful), and not be directed towards making niche/new builds viable.
But after more postings I've changed my thinking. Ofc the "patch" will reflect Treehari's desires and playstyle, since he is the one designing it; but I feel more and more like this could be a funny and new way to play Dii that could potentially lead to some new characters being popular and possibly new builds.
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