Project: 1.07 Cranium Basher


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I've been wanting this item a long time, and I think I've finally got the willpower to make it happen. This is my last missing grailer from before patch 1.10. I've only got 11 missing items, so the fact its eluded me all this time has been annoying. In fact I have never seen any gold Thunder Mauls yet.

I've heard of people racking them, but haven't heard too many details. So I'm making this to make sure I'm doing this as god as I can.

Phase 1 (Complete): Get a character in the right area that can rack. I have a level 57 Sorc Matriarch from 2003. She has racked a few things in the past for me and she will always be special. To those of you who have quested through 1.07 from scratch, you'll know you need some patience.

Phase 2 (WIP): Get a stable rack to drop a Thunder Maul. From what I've read in the guides, you need Nilithak's temples which can drop a Thunder Maul that has a Qlvl high enough to be a Cranium Basher. I'm thinking of going down into the 3rd level that has Nilithak. Is this ideal? A bit more TPing but 2 weapon racks if Nilithak spawns in the bottom.

In terms of testing for racks, I've been thinking of only two combinations before a map reroll. Weapon->Armour, then Weapon->Armour. If that is no good, Armour->Weapon, Armour->Weapon. I know some racks are very easy to replicate and others are awful. If it doesn't drop a Thunder Maul I want to try again. There will be a bunch of monsters most of the time.

Any thoughts on how to get through Step 2? I know patience is the biggest thing, but any finer points about what to do while I'm in the middle of it.

Phase 3 (future): Run the rack until gold is dropped. Also known as test how patient you are. I think if I can get to this point I should be fine. I've seen the rewards eventually with time

I'll keep you updated with progress :)


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I got mine on the last floor of nihl's temple :)

I wasn't looking for the rack but once I had it I kept doing those runs until I got that (and other things)

I honestly didn't even look much at floor 1 or 2 for racks, since I liked popping the evil urn on the last floor for exp as well


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Well I’ve scored my first .07 laying of hands at least. I had a rack semi stable and just white bramble mitts. Then I lost it by mistake. Found a new one and green one run #2

Also had green war gauntlets. Deaths belt and a sword. Can’t remember which but a little one :) at least a few things to keep me amused as I work on getting a rack.

One day I got a thunder maul. But the area was always swarming with baddies and could never replicate