Procrastination... and you!


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heres some serious advice to help keep you on track during work:

1. make a list. i know it sounds dumb but i ACTUALLY works. After you finish, and cross out that assignment, the feeling is awesome.

2. or you can run around the house for 10 min screaming at the top of your lungs to burn off all the extra sugar you had during the day. lol :lol:


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well as long as you know the basics:
papers: 2500 words a day (to be sure)
tests: 1 or 2 days (depending on toughness)

sleep: at least 6 hours a night

that's all there is to it


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I deal with procrastinating by blowing off whatever I was putting off in the first place. Isolde, that is an insanely awesome you mind if I adapt it to my own speech and hopefully I'll take it to nationals next year too?


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Omikron8 said:
I do a BETTER job under pressure then when i start something way before in advance.

Procrastination 4 teh win
I agree, if i get back at 5pm - I "start" at 5;30 or so. But when i actually do the work its like 9pm.
I find i do better when there is nothing else to do, and no one awake.
Which is why i really should go to the library for some of this stuff.

Anyways, i usually mess around on the internet - go on forums, listen to music, etc.
Sometimes i dont get to work until 10pm, and its usually done by 12 because thats all there is to do, ive already looked at the forums, been interupted by family, and whatnot.

So, i COULD do it in 2 hours and have like 5 hours to mess around, but instead i do it the other way, and it seems to work... for now.

*goes to check other forum even though he has to finish an essay and math*


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Ah, procrastination. The stuff dreams are made of.

I believe alot of more intellectual people perform better under pressure due to extreme procrastination.

Example myself and 3 of my friends decided to go to a district academic team competition for the hell of it a week before it actually started. Other schools had their teams together for 3 years or more practicing atleast 10 hours a week and tons of experience in tournament play. We made it to the semi-finals and actually answered so many right in the round robin tournament we were accused of cheating.

Total practice hours: none
Total practice minutes: 5 minutes for everyone to press a buzzer and see how it worked.

I think I take the cake when it comes to procrastinating with school though.

Last week I had an essay due for english (5th period) I started 3rd period the day it was due. 95/100 because it wasn't typed.

I'm also somewhere between 15 and 20 weeks behind on my Calculus homework.