Problems with Shared Stash

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I'm playing version 1.13d with PlugY The survival Kit on windows 10.
Since I made a problem solving with WinZip System Utility Suite yesterday the game doesn't save my stash. I always receive the message: "Could not create the shared save file".
I looked after the security placements and set everything on "allow". Also I made a new installation of PlugY. But nothing works. The game does not save my stash and by closing the game my stash was killed and every item I had in was thrown out.

I don't know what to do now. :( Can anyone help me, please!!!



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I've amended the SPF rules as follows:

"What you do on your own computer is up to you but:
Don't post about/ask for editors, trainers, duping, drop mods, CD keys, game files on this forum. This includes PlugY, and illegitimate Annihilus Charms and Torches - please don't discuss them, and keep in mind that using them will disqualify you from participating in tournaments such as Magic Find Olympics or Rune Finding Olympics."


As the others have pointed out, that particular mod is not accepted here, so please don't discuss it. Thanks.
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