Problems while running D2

Problems while running D2

sorry if this is the wrong area to post but was looking for some advice. Last night when i got on i went to do a pindle run and when i hit f3 to armor myself i got disconnected. It said my service was interuppted. Well i thought it was a 1 time thing but now whenever i'm in a game if i hit f3 it boots me. Also my map is all acrewy now if wont show players on it even if they are right next to me. Should i just re install diablo or what other choices do i have? Thanks in advance


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That F3 problem is the first time i heard of it. but concerning the map, if i am correct when you push ESC there should be a options menu, and a video/picture options menu where you can edit your map.

For the F3 Problem i would consult Blizzard about this or it could be a problem with your internet provider. im not sure.


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That sounds pretty nasty, i've had that problem before but not when i hit akey it was just random. You should talk to Blizzard aboutthat to make sure nothings wrong.


It may be that you happened to get connection interupted at the same time you hit f3. Has it happened again ? I have also gotten interupted at random times.