Problems/Suggestions for the world of Diablo 2 LoD


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Problems/Suggestions for the world of Diablo 2 LoD

I've been playing Diablo 2 on and off (and on and offline) for years now, but I can't imagine how things have ever been worse for players than they are now.

Hello. I am not afraid to voice my opinion, which is, no doubt, shared by frustrated players around the world.

What's my problem? Here it is. Whether it be online or single player, is no longer fun. Firstly, what is the point of Hell difficulty? I can't do it. I don't see how anyone can without cheating, and I sympathize with the people that do cheat. The probability of finding runes I want for items to make runewords I want, or even just get some decent equipment is beyond ridiculous - it's lunacy. I don't want to spend the rest of my waking life trying to get my character's name on some ladder that probably only indicates who is the most idiotic in the world.

It's lost the fun. I only play it when I'm bored now, as there apparently isn't any helpful souls to get just one of my charaters up to Pindle so that I can get items for my chars. This is ridiculously convoluted anyway, because who, in their right mind, chooses one creature in the game to have the chance at dropping everything, when it's so much more USEFUL to have said items by the time one STARTS Hell Difficulty.

What the hell chance has anyone got of finishing a legit game on the net? Once finished, does anyone bother helping others? Just how many legit characters have done the secret hell quests? How many of those people had help getting a high lvl char? I'm confused...isn't co-op play meant to be co-operative?

Until some patch is released to make hell a bit more "possible", I refuse to
interact with it. My brother bowed out ages ago for similar reasons. If
there's ever a Diablo 3, I won't buy it. The game has become a joke - a
complete and utter joke. I have other things to do in my life, like getting
a life. I just felt I had to pass on some small wisdom. I just wanted to be
heard. Ladder-only stuff can go to the scrap pile. Hell super-quests can get
thrown in the bin. They. Are. Full. Of. ...Something Brown, like this page.

Maybe I should do what my brother does, and play Neverwinter Nights, where at least players have to stay "in-character" and "role-play" their way through the game. It'll be interesting to see what people say about this - but I don't want to hear nonsense about my "method of play" or "strategy" being wrong, or "not knowing how to play the game". I'm a half-decent player - no, I'm sure the enemies are being made too impossible.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my bletherings, maybe now someone will realise this game is far from perfect.

But I'm sure someone will go on the (aggressive) defence.


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your method isnt wrong, but try collecting things that other people want and trade for items and gear that you need
for better drops you can run bosses

before the 1.10 patch hell was alot easier iirc, if you like to play singleplayer reinstall and update to 1.09 and restart your chars, you can make it through hell on moderate gear without many problems


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at first, and even tough you asked not to do, I'll say it anyway. Hell is perfectly playable with less then good gear. Just have a look at this thread. Yes I knew, he's probably crazy or something, yet still.

On the other hand, I see you points, I myself have never been able to make a good hell character. Most of them just doesn't get the damage they need, or they are specialist in one element, damn imunes, so perhaps they should nerve it a bit. Yet what if you have a goldy char? There still needs to a challange for those people aswell.
It's walking on a lose rope, and I think blizzard didn't do it that bad. Yes it just hack and slash, and notting more the that, but for some reason I always get drawn back in.


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Perhaps you're both right, but let me put this to you.

My last LADDER character is/was a sorc, just into act 2 on hell. I can't even remember how I did it, but anyway.

I die so often I don't have enough money for a merc, which sadly lasts longer than some of my paladins.

I pour points into good skills, like warmth and energy shield, now that meteor and frozen orb are max, but they are useless.

I'm at the point where I just want to get a cheat and import Ladder only runewords and uniques, or set items.

To top it all off, my internet connection, ADSL, behaves no different to a modem, and it's more jerky that a person with epilepsy (no offense intended).

Single player isn't as bad, I'll admit, but there's a whole bunch of stuff that's Ladder only, so how else to get some of these items without cheating or going on the Net?


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The only things on Bnet that single player doesn't come with are ladder-only runewords, uber tristram, and the Anni. All of the ladder-only uniques can spawn in SP, and there is a mod (Runeword Mod) that gives the ladder runewords in SP.

If you have made it to hell act 2, try going back to NM Andy, Mephisto, and Baal. They will drop plenty of stuff that is worth using in Hell. My guess is that your resists all suck, possibly even being negative. That was my problem with the first character I got to Hell. If you have the patience to run those NM bosses, you will gain a few more levels and some much better gear.


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lvl 20 orb is almost useless in hell and there are lots of immunes, find gear that will bring it to around 30+ then itll be alot better, gear up your merc so that he tank good and take them down for you, if you can find the runes make a fort or stone armor for him

id agree with templecrasher, make a mf char and run nm andy, countess, duri, summoner, meph, diablo, shenk/etlich, and baal
with the 1.11 patch the more bosses you run the better drops get

download the rrm to help pic out runes, "LO Rune" can easily be hidden in the piles of "100 gold" and "Super Healing Potion" ect..
rwm is nice for getting the ladder runes on sp

check some of the meteorb builds in the sorc forum
in sp/open you can mule your items with atma if you would like to rebuild her