Problem with teleporting


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Problem with teleporting

I'm building my first sorc since 1.09 and so far I'm really enjoying the speed at which blizzard kills. Anyhow, she's a pure blizzard sorc for mf purposes only.
Her setup is as follows:

Pheasant Crown
Raven Frost
Rare ring w 10FCR 5min 64AR 1eng 7pris-R
Rare amulet w +2sorc cold 11AR 3LIFE 15pris-R

The above setup gives me 110 FCR, which should get me to a decent breakpoint (right?). But I'm having problems teleporting in durance (or in fact, just about anywhere...). If I press and hold my mouse button to teleport where the cursor is pointing, she just seems to get stuck at one spot, casting teleport like mad, but not moving anywhere. The only way I'm able to teleport and actually get somewhere is by clicking the mouse button once, waiting for my sorc to get there and clicking the button to tele again. Trying to navigate the now humongous durance 2 like this is beginning to be more of a pain than anything else. While mana does seem to be of an issue right now, once my sorc reaches 62, she'll get a shako so i'm not really worried about that. It's just the lack of teleporting speed.
I used to remember being able to tele around real quick in 1.09, so has anything changed in 1.10?
or am I just doing something wrong?



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could be one of two things:

1. your connection sucks. type /fps and if ping is over 200, then that's the culprit.

2. there was a bug with certain fcr %'s. i can't recall the details, but try adding or removing some fcr and see if that helps.


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in 09 i believe 104fcr and 115fcr are bugged, dont know if thats fixed. if im wrong, correct me.


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most likely, it's an issue with lag. What kind of internet connection do you have?


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Thanks for all your replies.

I've got cable with 6500 down and 384 up. I've measured the speeds when downloading/uploading off the internet and elsewhere and they are up to par. When I check the ping within the game, I get a ping of around 300-400. Occasionaly it goes up to 500-600. Could this be due to the fact that I'm on USWest while actually being on the other side of the world? But nonetheless, I've never had a speed problem with my other recent characters, so I don't know what the problem is now...
Even when I was playing 1.09 3 yrs back, I had a 512k ATM connection, and I never had this problem then.
I've yet to try it out with a lesser FCR, but when I do so, I'll let you all know.

Is there anything I can do in-game to make teleporting easier?



Feetstench said:
IIRC the Sorcs next breakpoint isnt till 125% so mabye you are just expecting a faster cast.
the break is 105%, not 125%

and i feel ur pain, being in australia, even with a 1500k connection i average 200 ping :(

we cant hold down tele, u just gotta click it every split second

play with it, click a few times at a certain speed. if u get the tele graphic but dont move, ur going too fast. try find the right speed, so u can tele as fast as u can with ur connection :)


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so, would reducing the FCR actually help in my case? Since a slower FCR won't put too much "stress" on my rather "weak" connection...


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actually the best thing to do is use a closer domain. do a eq swap with somebody from here, setting them up on your current domain and getting starter eq on a closer one.


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I'd rather not change realms right now... I've always been on USWest even back in 1.08 and 1.09. Moreover, it's taken me so long to collect what little I have since I started with 1.10 in late May.

I'll have to try what Sh4dovv suggested and see how that works out. Will report back here with results.



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a ping of 300 or 400 is exactly why you are teleporting strangely. i lived in korea for two years and a few months before i moved back stateside, i switched to a US server and it was a pain in the butt. when i finally did move back, mf'ing meph was SOOOOOO much easier. haha.


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reducing my FCR to the 63 breakpoint certainly helped. my sorc is able to tele through most of durance 2 almost non-stop, albeit a bit slower.

only problem now, is mana. even with shako and frostburns, she runs out of mana even before she has reached durance 3. stat wise, she's on base energy. what do ya'll do for mana when teleporting?
my equip for mfing is as follows:

wizard spike/rhyme grim shield (i'm thinking i should swap these... any ideas)
p.topaz skullders
p.topaz shako
snow clash
war travs
Magefist/Frostburns (can't decide between mana regen or more mana)
rare FCR ring w prismatic resists
Raven Frosts
rare amulet w +2 cold skills + prismatic resists

1 or 2 +life +mana LC
mainly single resists SC

I have got some 50 mana GC lying around. Should I swap them for the resist charms? Should I change belt to gloom's trap? which would improve mana regen: having more mana and slightly less regen or having less mana or more regen?
any other advice would be appreciated.



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if youre on ladder, insight on your mercenary. otherwise, mana potions :lol: well, combined with +mana gear i suppose...