Problem with battlenet


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Problem with battlenet

Trying to join bnet.
Start D2LoD, enter my password and is greeted by this text
"Diablo II was unable to connect to the realm server. Blabla"

I tried to restart D2 same thing happend. After that I tried the US West realm
same problem there. So I tried Open Battlenet, and that worked fine :S

What is the problem? :/

I have no firewall so it cant be that :/
I played this morning without problems.


Re: Problem with battlenet


The Ladder is being reset today.

...This thread will self destruct in .....


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Re: Problem with battlenet

Oh all chars go back to 0? :(
I thought I was banned :S I was scared as hell XD have been waiting for years to get a copy of LoD XD
Characters don't go back to zero, they just become non-ladder characters.