Problem recieving whisper. Urgent need help.


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Problem recieving whisper. Urgent need help.

I have a big problem, sometimes people keep whispering me and I dont recieve them. Anyone knows what it could be? This is really bothering me because I make trades with people very often and they accuse me for ignoring them. Please help.
*Svalin :cry:


I have two thoughts on this:

are you playing while someone is trying to whisper you, or are you away from the keyboard? Is there any chance you received the message, but it was off your screen by the time you came back? (Do you check your message log?)

Do you have the /dnd on? you can use this when you don't want to be bothered. Maybe it wasn't turned off? I'm not sure if it carries over between sessions.

Hope this helps. :smiley:


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Can you send whispers?

Another possibility is that your cd key(s) may have been muted:

Muting CD Keys

Q: What is "muting" a CD-Key?
A: Blizzard Entertainment has implemented a change to its sysop capabilities on that enables authorized Blizzard Entertainment personnel to "mute" certain players on The muting function will allow us to make silent those players chatting in who are found to be in violation of our Terms of Use agreement. Other players will not see what the "muted" person has typed. Muted CD-Keys will not, in any way, affect actual gameplay. Muted players will be able to chat in-game only.

Q: I was unfairly muted. What can I do?
A: If you believe you were unfairly muted, please contact our support department at [email protected]. A Blizzard representative will inform you of the behavior in question and will also have the ability to un-mute accounts when deemed appropriate.


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Thank you for the replies. Hmm some additional information:
1. I very rarely use /DND and I don't think if you restart Diablo it is carried over. I also know about /DND again to remove it.

2. I am sure it's NOT because I am AFK, because I had people whispering me in the same game as I was chatting and I never got anything on my screen.

3. I don't think I am muted, I can't see how. The strange thing is, people can hear me but I can't hear them. And seeing this happens quite alot I don't think all those people are actually muted.

4. I do have a very vague idea what it may be. I was once confronted with a person that started to make alot of insults from various accounts to me. So muting accounts didnt help. I asked a friend for help and he told me to use /IGW or /IOW or something like that. " Ignores incomming whispers form people not in flist." maybe that thing is still on and carries betweens games. Maybe someone can tell me how to turn it off?
Any further help would be greatly appreciated. :undecided:


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type /o that will tell you if you are allowing whispers from people who are not on your friends list, if you did turn ignore whispers on it will stay on until you turn it off. To turn it off type /o unigw to turn it back on /o igw

Lord Nyax

Yah, this happens to bme quite a bit...just do /unigw. I love it when idiots spend a ton of money buying CD Keys and making accounts like "0O0O0O00O0OO00O0OUnsquelchable" and then you type /igw. 5 key presses and you totally rape their effort...ironic.