Problem connection to bnet


Problem connection to bnet

Well, i try connect to (any realm) and it doesnt even establish a connection with the server, it says 'if im using a modem i need to connect to the net before trying to connect to bnet'. Currently using AOL 8.0 dial up, mcAfee personal firewall, and i have all access granted, it only starteddoing it recently, is it a network problem or what?

OS: XP Pro Service pack 1.


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Ive never used AOL, so Im guessing here, but maybe you need to log onto AOL then alt tab and then launch diablo?

Just for fun, disable the firewall for a bit and see if it can access then, to just narrow down the field as to what is causing it.

Lord Chaos

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AOL is TEH EVIL!(tm)

Remove AOL, torch your computer to remove any contamination, torch your phoneline, then buy a new computer and get a real ISP.

Then you'll be set to go...Who the heck in their right mind uses dialup anyway.


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I have AOL broadband, and before that I had the dreaded 56k ***-O-Hell...broadband isnt bad...
I'd look into the firewall, maybe see if anything has been changed lately...if its new, then something musta changed...


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three questions:
a) Can you change your gateway to, EG, Europe, USA, etc?
b) do you have a firewall?
c) has it dialed up before (in which case, what have you changed?) or have you only just started to try and go to (in which case, where do you live?)