probably not new idea for pvp


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probably not new idea for pvp

would this work?
a sorc with 20pts in hyda,firebolt,fireball, and fire mast.20pts or so in telekenesis, and enough in es to get to 40pts with prebuff gear.also one pt in a cold armor.

the sorc would put all pts in mana for a strong eshield, and maybe some in dex for max block with whistans(maybe). base str with anni and bp nigma to allow me to wear my gear. i guess i wouldnt have to wrry about pdr or res.

id use nigma +3fire circl and ammy, arach, sojs,mfist,hoto(?) and an undecided shield and boots. id also have 10fire gcs in stash. id have a +3light ammy and circl and 10light gcs for prebuff to get to 40 eshield.

has anyone tried this? will it kill people who dont absorb too egregiously? can i use telekenises to stun people in my hydra field? should i use spirit or whistans or some other shield? will i need much fcr?

any help is appreciated.


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I wouldn't try the telekenesis thing, doesn't knockback enough to be effective.

Spirit obviously has crap for block %, so If you plan on going max block then get stormshield over whitstans, enigma will supply a good amount of strength to equip it and it has lots of better mods over whitstans.

Think about it this way, because sorcs get the shaft with life / vita point (only 2 life per vita point btw), it's worth using up alot of strength and dex to use better stat items, as a 20 life sc will replace 10 stat points into vita.

But if you dont intend on getting max block Spirit has some sick mods.

Just get enough FCR for the breakpoints (which I forget), I usually aim for the one after 63, you can find them in one of the stickied guides.

I've never really tried Hydra, but I do know pure fireball sorcs can dish out ALOT of damage. Actually a sorc that I had lots of trouble with was a firebolt sorc with 200% FCR (the last breakpoint), very damn fast, and to top it off he'd cast his 1 point hydras all around, then fire his bolts at me, so I couldn't figure out which I needed to dodge or not.

I'd also say get a nice pool of mana from energy if you're gonna get 40 ES.



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thx for your suggestions.

i was thinking that id use the 40 es so i could put zero points in vit and put them all into mana instead. i believe id get 4 mana per point before mods and then id have a decent tanking ability.

im just wondering what lvl hydra/fire mastery i need to be able to kill effectively, and whether max block is needed not.

whistans saves like 70 points in dex and a couple str pts vs stormshield which could be used to boost mana. im not sure the mods on storm are that useful if i have 40 es, because resists and pdr arent important.

anyone else tried this? or tried hydra for pking?


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Well 1st off for a hybird-fireball sorc you want 200% FCR then, you become deadly.
I've suggested a similar built in the PvP forums, but apparently it's pretty easy to absorb the damage done by hydras (see hydras do small damage per multiple hits vs fireball's big damage at once...)
There are lots of threads about fireball sorcs, so I'm not gonna go into that... but if you want to try out hydraI'd suggest playing in a league like Clan Honour or somthing, loosers in pubbies will 'sorb your hydras, then you are a weak fireball sorc
Also poison damage isn't absorbed by esheild, so you want as much stacked poison length reduced/ poison resists as possible

Final note, at 200%FCR you don't need to worry about block. You ened Spirit or Lidless to get to 200%... their block rates are too low to be viable; however if you wanted to go 105 FCR then use a upgraded moser's circle with 2 UMs(if you can afford) for HUGE resists and blocking.


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if ur worried about ppl absorbing, just make a reg pk fb sorc and compliment it with another character, or just go with magic, such as necro/hammerdin


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then maybe ill go base dex str and vit and put all my points in energy.
ill use spirit and go fo 200 fcr, no block res or pdr. and ill prebuff eshield.

for gear ill go:
spirit monarch
eth treks
2fcr rings with mana
a +2fire 20fcr ammy with mana
+2 fire 20fcr circlet

that gives me 200 fcr
and +13 skills from gear +10fire gcs +anni +battle command=+25skills


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viper? Yes
hoto? Eshuta's (5/5 fire faceted) > HoTo
spirit monarch? Yes
eth treks? yes
2fcr rings with mana? yes, go for rares with str as well
arach? Yes
mfist? yes
a +2fire 20fcr ammy with mana? Yes go for rares with other mods too tho
+2 fire 20fcr circlet? Yes go for rares with mods too