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Do you have a large pic of the back side, so I can read what the ingredients are? I don't distrust you, but I want to go 100% sure that it doesn't contain monkey pee.

The left one is black beer? Looks too transparent to me. I was expecting something like this:



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The bottles are empty with the top put back on. Haven't got a pic from the back side but it's brewed by two english blokes in china if I'm not mistaken.


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If you do get popular in china there are a whole freaking bunch of people there.
1/7th of the complete human species is chinese.


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I have a friend named Jack who is Taiwanese but lived in China for many years. My son who was about 5 or 7 at the time was asking him questions about China.

Do they have deer in China? Yes we have deer.
Do they have cows? Yes we have cows.
Do they have possums in China? No. There are none left. There are 1.3 billion of us. We ate them all.

You should have seen my son's face. It was a 7 year old's version of WTF!

It was a hilarious moment for me and my wife who cracked up at his reaction.

Just thought I'd share since you mentioned all the people in China.


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Might also be the case that your so old that you are backwards now, who knows?
For me it depends on how close my wife is to me, the closer she gets the less hanging it does.


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Because it didn't react to her and kept on hanging small, shrivelled and always a bit to the left?
Maybe it was because you mostly keep your distance from her cause she scares you?
Something else?