Primal Ancients items


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Soon season 10 is over and I would like to know what dudes really think about Primal items a little surprised that there seems to be zero feedback about that issue ?
Blizzard wrote: These items have perfect Ancient-level stats on all affixes, including the item’s Legendary Power, well I disagree, have anyone get set rings (focus/restraint) ?? or quivers, UAE armor ect and you cant even roll the dice and get them perfect ?? if u want dicipline u must offer a sockets in quiveres, in the set rings I have not seen anybody born with chd and chc, I have them but the best is with 50 chd after rolling the dices but no chc or attack speed ?? Talk to my clan and all say the same ordinary ancient legendarys are better so what do you think?? Or have I and all I know just been unlucky ??


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I managed to find 2-3 on the necro beta- I wasn't sure what they were at first as they are displayed in a RED border...

But they are nice - I like them ....