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priestess class woulda been interesting..

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Community Forum' started by prion, Jun 2, 2008.

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    Jun 22, 2003
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    priestess class woulda been interesting..

    I tried to post this as a blog but it all ran together unreadable :(

    i was prompted by the diablo III discussion to come up with a new class, the Priestess. It's been developed in the context of Diablo II. I didn't fill out all the skills but w/e. have a nice origin story:

    Years ago, Priestesses were common in the areas of the civilized world which had been most influenced by the Horadrim. Because women were usually not allowed to practice combat magics directly, those with talent were often selected to go into service as clerics in study of the Holy laws, sheilding them from suspicion. As the Horadrim declined, these priestesses were given positions in the Zakarum church. However, a few years before the rise of King Leoric, Sankekur dismissed the remaing priestesses, saying simply that the male priesthood would be sufficient and their services were no longer required. They scattered throughout the civilized world and with no legal recognition or training academy, their skills began to fall into disuse and their numbers dwindled. A small group left Kurast for refuge in the Amazon isles, vowing not to let the knowledge of the Horadrim disappear entirely. There they continued to teach and study, suspecting nothing of the coming disaster. It wasn't until the death of Leoric that they considered they might have to learn how to fight as well.

    The Priestess combines Holy powers and Horadric spells to directly damage her enemies and grant blessings to her allies. This class is more party oriented than any others, including the paladin, though she can use her devotion to Light to make herself very powerful in combat. The class is part spellweaver, part cleric. The types of damage she can inflict consists of holy damage, fire damage, pure magic damage and to a lesser extent, physical damage. I envision this class as the light side counterpart of the necromancer.

    attack spells (can't think of a better name) - these spells allow the priestess to directly damage an oponent
    *Mage strike (level1)- allows the Priestess to telekinetically deliver her weapon damage over a disance. Always hits (cos its magic), delivers physical damage.
    *flash (level6) - does significant pure magic damage in a short radius. synergized by other magic spells.
    *repulse (lev12) - Does lower magic damage than flash, but has a larger radius and knocks enemies back (according to game KB rules)
    *transfixion (24) shows your enemy the glory of the heavens, stopping it as it stares in awe and fear.
    *Holy Nova (30) combining Holy power with her spellcasting techniques, the Priestess sends out an expanding ring of energy which damages all undead

    Conjuring Tree (minions) - with these spells the Priestess can call upon the spirits of the righteous to grant her party special or improved abilites, and summon creatures and heavenly powers to protect her.
    I envision spirits much like druid spirits....
    *spirit of valor - increases stats for the whole party
    *spirit of resilience - grants physical resistance to the whole party
    *gargoyle (6) These creatures were never inherently evil...this spell conjures a good one bound to your service. when it reaches low health it will return to stone and heal. up to 4
    *Pillar of fire(18) calls down a pillar of fire to burn enemies or block their progress (the core will be material and impassable but the fire effect extends a 2 yard beyond that) only one at a time.
    *gargoyle mage (24) conjures gargoyles with the handy ability to spit firebolts, adds with the gargoyles up to 4
    *sentinel (30) This spell was created specifically to redeem those affected by Leoric's curse. conjures a knight who is tethered to a certain point. he will remain there until killed or unsummoned. limit of 4

    Blessings and Wards
    *cure poison (6) channels your mana to counteract poison effect
    *Bestow (12) channels your mana directly into an ally's health
    *countercurse (24) channels your mana to reducing the length of a curse
    *circle of safety (30) creates a circle around your present location in which no monster can enter (careful! they may resort to ranged attacks)
    wards--only one ward can be active on a character at a time.
    *deflect missile (6) grants the enchanted ally a chance that a physically carried missile simply will not hit
    *deflect spell (18) a chance that spell damage will have no effect. works on AOE damage.
    *sanctify (24) any undead getting too close to you will have it's life steadily drained! gives PMH vs said undead

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