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Price check for me plz :)

Discussion in 'Trade Values' started by kem0sabeD2, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. kem0sabeD2

    kem0sabeD2 Diabloii.Net Member

    Feb 19, 2015
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    Hi! I've found some stuff and im not certain of the value of those things and were wondering if someone could help me out :) Here we go:

    Eschuta (eth)
    +1 to sorc skills
    *40% fcr
    *17% Lightskill dmg
    *14% Fireskill dmg
    *30 energy

    Chance guards
    27 def
    *25 ar
    *27% Enh Def
    *15 defense
    *200% extra gold
    *30% MF

    17 def
    *10% IAS
    *30% FHR
    * 5 to minimum dmg
    *11% Enh def
    * 10 defense
    *40 to life

    jewel 15 % IAS

    4 sox flail

    Trang oul's armor

    857 defense

    2 to summon skills (necro)
    40% faster run/walk
    150% Enh Def
    199 Def vs missiles
    poison resist 40%
    requirements -40%

    Superior Phase blade
    15% Enh Damage
    1 to AR

    22% MF

    made the list abit lsoppy at the end but had to get done fast b4 i had to go so sry bout that :p
  2. Archone

    Archone Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 22, 2010
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    :welcome: to the forums! Ill take a shot, and guess what realm you play on... Eu.. Ladder?

    1. Eschutas needs 3sk or its not tradeable. Even with 3sk, it will need 20Fire OR 20Light to be worth your time, trying to sell it.

    2. Chance Guard. Probably only worth a few Perfect Gems. If tradeable at all. These are easily traded early ladder, but now it needs 40mf to be tradeable no doubt.

    3. Bloodfist is awesome for leveling. So its usually traded for a lower rune, tricky to sell though.

    4. 15ias jwls are worth Pul or less.

    5. 4 sox flail, around Pul or less.

    6. Trang Armor is extremely common. Almost worth nothing. No variables on it either iirc.

    7. Decent PB, used only for Last Wish. Worth is ranged in ist+.

    8. Nagelring, about same as Chance Guard. Worthless without 30mf now.

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