Pretty decent summoner - looking for some new strats


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Pretty decent summoner - looking for some new strats

I began Ubering this week and have succesfully done uber trist 3 times. I do however, have a lot of trouble and was seeking some insight or opinions. Just for reference, I team with a good friend of mine (A Barbarian) and we do it together, this is what my char looks like.

level - 92
str - 250
dex - 78
vit - 394
nrg - 101

life - 2400 ish with barbs bo
mana - 800 or so

Ammy : 30% maras
Head: Shako (Um'd)
Body: Archon Enigma
Weapon: Beast Ettin Axe
Rings: 2x Soj
Belt: Arach
Boots: Marrowwalks
Gloves: Trangs
Shield: Boneflame (Um'd)
7x Summoner skillers
12/15 torch
19/18/5 anni

Eth CV Infinity
DS Fort
Andys Visage

ON SWITCH: (Rather insignifcant, but listing for reference)
+6 bo cta

Upon entering ubers I have at least 20+ urdars or revives of that class, 16-17 skeletons, my clay golem and I usually don't bring mages. and it ends up taking 30+ minutes to clear ubers, this isn't without extreme difficulty and frustration of having to go get new urdars every 3 minutes, my merc almost never dies due to lifetap. By the time ubers is finished, i've revived every urdar in the game and near the end I have trouble finding urdars to summon.

My question is, is there an easier way for a summoner to do ubers? Perhaps a strategy I have not yet encountered. I haven't read any guides or anything I just used my knowledge about the game and went to try it. Any input or suggestions are appreciated.



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mages can help greatly..especailly the poison ones...they can prevent the ubers from healing for up to 10 might want to consider bring them for the hell of when you leave to collect more urdars the ubers aren't healed..etc

i forget but a few months back there was a nec here that ubered many times with a summoner... and he had vids too...and a search of the nec forum


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Are you separating them and taking down one after another?). I'm asking because I can't think of any other reason, why you should have had troubles.

I also use my summoner to beat ubers, just because its funny. I have to tele, dodge, decrep, cast terror, drink pots, summon, .... Its waaayyy much more fun than some dumb click-and-hold smiter builds.

I have just three summon skillers and pretty much mf(around 500 all the time - chanceguards, goldwrap, ptopaz shako,....). So i think there must be something wrong with your strategy. I usualy have to revive urdars twice and I only revive like 10-12 of them. It depends on how many can I find them in the shortest time. Its better idea than to tele through acts just to get 20 of them, because they will start dying before you revive the last one.

edit - Yes, and I bring all my maxed mages too. Maybe thats the reason


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Welcome to the wild, wild world of the Undead!

For an inspiring video of a summoner smashing the uber tristram check out FooSoft's thread on uber tristram with a summoner. Ironically, this video inspired a sorc to use revives to solo uber tristram also.

The use of terror to clear the minions so your monsters with crushing blow can effectively concentrate on the boss was showcased during that video. Your Necro is quite buffed (better than mine by over 10 levels) and you shouldn't be having that much of a problem with uber town, especially if your barb friend is around the same level as you. He can 'shout' away the minions if you don't have terror btw. The other point about divide and defeat is salient. With your enigma you should be able to get good army control and thus only awaken one boss at a time.

Good luck and Good hunting!


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There were some extremely insightful strategies that I will try, terror, to clear the pesky extras that come around, which have been proven to be my worst problem, and bringing mages, with these addtions I am sure I will be able to own trist, I will update you all with my success/failure whichever it happens to be.



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good luck...

*terror is excellent for scattering the minions..and keeping your army focused on the bosses...


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Oh, and you might want to consider changing lifetap to decriptify, its makes life much easier on all of your minions (and your barb friend) to have uber mephisto moving 50% slower, attacking 50% weaker, and 50% more suseptible to physical attacks.