Preferred method of running single pass HC char


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Hey everyone, It's been a long time Since I have posted/participated, but I've been here, promise.
I decided to run a HC fishy, start to finish, untwinked, single-pass, single stash (no item swapping). He just bashed Baal and moved on to Nightmare. Now, i cleared every end of ever tunnel and labyrinth in Normal difficulty. Nightmare is providing little EXP (i'm level 45ish), and I don't think it will provide more until late Act 1/early Act 2.

For those of you who do this regularly, do you normally run parts of the game to catch up to better exp areas, or do you full clear everything in hopes of finding better single-pass gear?


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In single pass every single drop counts. It's not only experience that counts, but also item drops.

Only places i'd drop the playersetting would be for act bosses and in case of a fishy those tunnels in the far oasis because those would take forever to get through.


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I pretty much only play tournaments anymore, and I always play them single-pass. I full-clear every area in every difficulty (unless it's impossible, or I will for sure die from a stair-trap in an optional areas or the like). I do change psetting around, but generally adhere to:

Normal/NM: /p8 everywhere, /p3 Act Bosses (to minimize no-drop)
Hell: /p3-5 is my target for general questing, but goes up or down depending on killspeed of the character, /p1-3 for Act bosses (again, depending on the character).

The focus for me here is to find decent gear in one run-through. Don't worry too much about the xp, it will come :)


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With a Fishy, I guess you can pretty much focus every gear slot on MF for Normal and NM. Couple that with a high player setting and (near) full clears and you're statistically guaranteed to find a lot of rare / unique / set items. A high player setting also increases your chances to find mid-tier runes, some of which are highly valuable (Lum for Smoke, Lem for Treachery are my favorites).

If you count endgame experience, the player setting in Normal and NM does not matter (only the one in Hell).


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that's pretty much what i expected. I knew Nightmare would be a bit of a drag. Hopefully a HQ Crest drops from some random act x boss monster and i have a good laugh about clearing the hole level 2. Thanks folks.


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On the bright side, that character should be able to clear the whole game with only a few hitches in certain places like the arcane sanctuary and maggot lair. As a rule of thumb, I always go P7 for normal, P3~5 for nightmare, and P1 for hell on a single pass character. With that character, you could probably up the player setting a bit higher since the curses will really take a bite out of the enemy life.