power of traps


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power of traps

its become clear that a trap assassin ( the lightning one anyway ) is so powerful.
i cant beleive how strong they are... even smiters and windy druids can get owned by this build!
thru my eyes, though, its also easy to BE killed.
but if your fast enough at laying traps and switching and getting your MB ready... you'll almost never lose ANY battle!

i love it


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Of course, if you read a bit more, you'd realize that facets don't work with traps, regardless of what the Lying Character Screen says.


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Scyron said:
With 9k trap damage and a few facets, more or less anyone goes down in time.
Facets don't work with traps. The fact that you make this claim shows the veracity of your second claim to be very much in question. T'gods plus a pair of wisps means that whoever is dueling you has all the time in the world to kill you. This is the fundamental problem with "one element wonders" like FB sorcs, orb sorcs, LS trappers, fire trappers, etc. They can be nullified. Since there is very little organized dueling left on bnet where "balance" rules are enforced, 99% of the real dueling happens in pubs; and in pubs, you will be absorbed. I'm not saying it's good or bad. It's just a fact.