Potential Tournament: Making a Name for Yourself


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Hi there. I used to have an account here a decade ago, but I don't even remember that username anymore. However, I've kept playing, with D2 as my offline game of choice for most of those years. I remember the tourneys always interested me, but I never got around to joining any. So, I was considering starting one.

Making a Name for Yourself:

Since you were a child, you've been fascinated by fame. Names like Leoric, Albrecht, and Tyreal resounded in your mind. Not only did you revel in the legends of the past, you began to consider making your own legend. You knew that it would be difficult to become known across the land, so you came up with a clever plan to ensure that everyone would know your name. You had a set of monogrammed equipment commissioned, so that anyone who saw you would know who you are. Shortly after receiving your order, you heard of the rogues' troubles, and decided to start your journey.

General Rules:

1. HC, or SC with disqualification upon first death (feel free to continue to update, although you cannot win the tournament.)
2. Single-pass, (nearly) untwinked only. (You may, of course, sprint from a WP to an uncleared area when starting a new session. Keep kills to an absolute minimum while maintaining safety, but all drops are off limits) If you need to S&E to not die while running through a previously cleared area that is acceptable.
3. You may defer completion of "rewards" quests (Charsi Imbue, Anya Personalization, etc.) and return for the rewards at any point. You may also return to previous acts/difficulties for shopping purposes as you please.
4. ATMA/GoMule may be used as an extended stash.
5. You may re-enter as many times as you wish, or enter multiple characters at once. You may sign-up any time.
6. Version 1.10+, RRM/RWM/FAM allowed. No MP, no Trading.
7. Save + Exit to avoid death is NOT allowed, and results in disqualification from the tournament. (you may, however, S+E if running from a previously cleared area and you get yourself in trouble.)
8. I will make and maintain a table with progress. This will hopefully eliminate mix-ups and missed updates.

Tournament Specific Rules:

9. Pick one set. You will twink this full set onto your character. (You may not have already used a socket quest on these items or filled any existing sockets.) You must be able to use all items at the same time.
10. Your character must be named after the set. For example, you could name your character Death, Orphan, Naj and so on. If you wish to avoid characters with the same names, you may give your character a last name by appending "_Lastname" to your name. For the three sets that lack a possessive in their name, name your character Angel, Infernal or Disciple.
11. You must wear and use all items in your set as soon as possible. Once you can use an item from your set, you may not remove it or switch away from it. If your stats are too low to use an item when you reach its required level, you are disqualified unless all stat points so far have been put in stats to help you qualify. (So, you can use Sigon's, but you must put every point in strength until you reach 75.)
12. If you find another copy of an item from your set, you or your mercenary must use it if possible. If this allows you to switch weapons without losing set or personalized items, you may do so.
13. If you cannot yet use an item from your set, that slot must be left empty.
14. In all other slots for you and your mercenary, item restrictions are as follows:
  • You must wear and use any personalized items. You may not personalize an item that will prevent you from wearing another personalized item or one of your set items.
  • You and your mercenary must fill all other slots with set items as soon as possible.
  • If you have not yet found a set or personalized item for a slot, you may use any White, Grey or Blue items in that slot. You may not use runewords.
  • You may use any charms or socket fillers except for Gheed's and Facets.
15. No respecs.
16. You may use Khalim's will and the Hellforge hammer to complete their quests.

I think these rules would allow players to modify the difficulty some with their choice of set, thereby accommodating players of different skill level.

What do people think?


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Seems like an interesting idea, but I would suggest perhaps allowing filler equipment (white only?) to be used until the target equipment becomes available. The reason is because it seems like not allowing them would restrict most people's approaches to the tournament and most people would likely end up playing the same builds with the same equipment.

I think there was a tournament with similar rules a while back (Envious of Green and Gold) but not exactly the same. Also, the MFO is still going right now so you might get more interest once that winds down.


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Until those items become available, you can switch weapons, so you'll always be able to fill those slots. I was thinking that leaving the other slots empty would discourage people from picking the late-game sets which could make Hell a breeze.

I know the MFO is running, but I figure there will be a bit of hashing out the rules before this gets started.


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Tali Rasha? On her pilgrimage to Zakarum but making one or two detours along the way...

I think the idea is cool. I'm doing something similar on my own by trying to make a character for each of the normal sets and built for it in some way, have only finished one with Irathas so far.