Potential New Build Question

Dimmu Borgir

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Potential New Build Question

Alright, I came up with the craziest idea and was wondering if it will work.

Psychic Hammer has two sources of damage, Magic and Physical.

Question One: Will Grief add damage to Psychic Hammer?

If so, technically it should add damage to Psychic Hammer trice, considering both sources of damage, making your end result about 800 damage, half magic, half physical.

Question Two: If question one is true, will Fortitude increase that damage with is 300% ED?

Question Three: Will any other sources of damage add-ons increase Psychic Hammer's damage?

With enough damage I'm thinking you can make a build here, with enough fast cate rate, to rapidly kill any enemy on the map from any range.

Yes, no? Answers anyone?


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I would say no without even thinking about it. Since grief only add dmg to the weapon itself and the weapon dmg can't affect Psychic Hammer it won't work.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Dimmu Borgir

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The reson I'm asking is because Grief adds damage to Smite, which uses a completely seperate form of attacking than the weapon the runeword is in. So I was wondering if it did the same for other skills such as Psychic Hammer.

Von Lazuli

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In a word, no. I mean, does greif add damage to telekinesis? Does greif add damage to warcry?

The +damage on grief is factored into the sheild damage for smite. Psychic hammer is a cast attack, like fireball, why would the +damage add to it?



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Unfortunately the man's right - Grief does NOTHING for Psychic Hammer. Period. If you are really determined to make a P-Hammer build work, consider putting sources of Amp Damage on your merc and yourself to double the physical damage. It still won't work in NM or Hell, but it'll make an entertaining Normal build.

I suggest loading on faster cast equipment and capping your build at level 20~40, allowing for max ranks in P-Hammer without being so high level that you felt a bit overpowered. If you wanted, you could easily use Dragon Talon in conjunction with Atma's Scarab to cast Amplify Damage on your enemies, then P-Hammer them to death. It would be a mana-hungry build, however, so I reccomend an Insight-toting merc (Holy Freeze - the Defensive merc from NM Act 2 - would be a good choice).

Another fun supplemental skill would be Mind Blast, which would help with crowd control. By maxing it, you could easily convert a large number of opponents and then pick the non-converted off one at a time, D-Taloning them until Amp Damage cast and then following up by P-Hammering them to death. You'd also, methinks, want to put some Crushing Blow on your equipment to help you handle Bosses and Champions, which you'd need to use your D-Talon for.

Some good equipment might include Wizardspike (resists, faster cast, mana), Moser's/Splendor/Wall of the Eyeless (I left out Spirit for the high level req and high Strength req), Goblintoe (you'd want to up these once, but the CB would do fine in Normal), Gloomstrap (mana), Atma's (Amp), any decent +skills/fcr helm (or Guillaume's to help with CB), Frosties/Magefists/Trang Oul's (fcr, mana, etc.), and rings of your own choosing. Armor-wise you'd want whatever worked: Stealth for fcr, Vipermagi for resists, skills, and fcr, or even Duriel's (if you can't swing a Ravensfrost).

Consider trying it out as a low-level build. You'll need Amp Damage - it's pretty much the ONLY way to improve Psychic Hammer's damage. If you don't mind (and you have the gold) you can always use an item with charges of the curse, of course.

Good luck!