Post your stylish rare weapon!


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Post your stylish rare weapon!

This has been done many times but it's still fun!
Please, no off-realm/single player weapons.
Post what realm they are on.

Here's mine to start it off
Demon Mangler
USeast ladder softcore

No bad, I should 40/15 it for fun.


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I have a rare with (supposedly) impossible mods that i have on US west but i am not sure how to post my screenshot of it up? how do you do that?


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My favorite right now.

Viper Lance
2H damage 87-154
Req Dex 25
Req Str 77
Req Lvl 53
Spear Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
40% increased attack speed
317% enhanced damage
8 to minimum damage
136 to Attack rating

Found in Normal A5/ NM A1, can remember exactly. Was a normal weapon, upped to exceptional. Don't have a Um to upped to elite yet. Damage will be something like 200-600 on further upping. I like the SPEED.

BTW, it's my first HC character, Unabomber_B, a Straferzon, using an upped Wizendraw, Just starting NM A3, and got an GC. Guess what? It's a cold skiller! Plain though.


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i had an eth ghost spear a while back before ladder reseted, it was like 147-9xx dmg with life leech and other mods, too bad merc couldn't use a spear :(


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Ghoul Barb Ataghan
Dmg 111-196
30% IAS
327% ED
+51 AR
11-32 Cold Dmg
Req - 20%

It has cool mods although its over all damage is rather annoyingly low. I wish it was etheral now though.


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Soul Mar
War Pike
Two-Hand Damage: 144 to 781
Durability: 25 to 25
Required Dexterity: 106
Required Strenght: 161
Required Level: 78
Spear Class - Fast Attack Speed
+40% Increased Attack Speed
+339% Enhanced Damage
+133 to Attack Rating
Socketed (1)

It was originaly a Pike, upgraded it 2x. Too bad it isn't ethereal (for merc). A self repair mod would be very good but the godly version should be ethereal with self repair mod. The way is is now, it breaks in my WW Barb in about 20 whirls... repair costs around 35k!!! My necro's merc loves it anyway :)


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Since seeing electricblue's godly phaseblade my friends and i have been picking up every rare we see and have collected some which are quite good:

heh took longer to upload then i thought


edit: damnit they're tiny, ill redo tomorrow maybe

The Notorious

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This is my ethereal Phase Blade. I've traded it away once or twice, only to end up buying it back. Though I dislike Phases for the low damage, even when ethereal, it does look nice on my character. Too bad the dexterity requirement is high enough that no one can see it on me.

This sword isn't mine, but decent nonetheless. I hate the look of Mythicals, though:

EDIT: That 2nd one wasn't screened by me either.


This is equivalent to about 382ed non eth weapon. Found last ladder. It's not bad for a Pally but needs a lot of IAS - about 90 IAS to reach 8/4 Zeal.
Stone Sever Small crescent
1 handed 178-294 (av 236)
Level 48
Durability 13
Dexterity 73
Strength 105
214 % Enhanced Damage
+12 max dam
+251 attack rating
6% Life leech
Repairs 1 in 33 secs

Also last ladder a Pilum I never got around to upgrading would have huge stats. The AR bonus made it great for a barb.
Glyph Bar Stygium Pilum throw **-349 (218 av) 1H 61-306.5 (184 av)
17 max dam
7 min dam
+44 (+0.5 max per level)
+1452 AR (+16.5 AR per level)
7% mana leech
11% LR