Post your own Pit runner.


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Post your own Pit runner.

I don't know if this post has been done before but I thought it would be a good idea. Since everyone is interested in what character/skills/items they use to 'run' the pit I thought I'd make a post where people could post there own guy. I havn't yet explored the pit so I hope I can get some ideas from you.


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i have a winddruid who runs the pit really fast, under 7 minutes i belive with my map now, he is pure wind and uses
stormshield (pdiamond) and switch wiz spike lidless wall,
Tal Rasha guardianship (ptopaz),
chance guards,
47% wartravellers,
1 soj and 1 blue magical ring with 39% mf,
Goldwrap and a
magical amulet with +2 to druid skills and 36% mf...

5 elemental skillers, some with 2nd mods like +life +FHR or +Mana,
and 6 7% mf small charms, 3 6% mf small charms, 4 small charms of vita (16, 16, 18 and 20) and 1 grand charm, all resitances +14% (so res is all maxed)

Merc uses a Gaze 19% PDR, eth skulders ire and a tomb reaver (high ed, 76% mf but only 2 sockets :( (amn and sheal)

i run the pit on players8... my tornado does around 4,5K to 5K and hurricane around 3,5K to 4,5K cant really tell now, havnt played him in 3 weeks but it was something around that


But i want to make a hammerdin, when i get back to playing again, thats my first project


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My plain ol' Vegasorc manages it plenty well. She doesn't have a lot of magic find - Okay, around 350, but still...

Resistance jewel'ed Occulus
PTopaz'ed Skulder's Ire
Harlequin Crest
Raven Frost
Dwarf Star
Archanid Mesh
Natalya's Boots (can be swapped for war travellers)

And quite a few MF and resistance charms, including a 34% gheeds. yum. Soulfire is a level 89 hardcore sorceress, which explains my choice in gear. If the going gets really tough down there (fanatic archer packs, etc.) the shaftstop comes off the merc and onto me. She runs the pits in under ten minutes on /players 5. Her merc uses Eth Bonehew (Amn + Shael), Shaftstop and Tal's Mask. Her skills -

20 FO
20 CM
20 Meteor
15ish FM
10ish fireball
and the one point wonders.



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Broc the Hammerdin, leveled to 93 by doing Pit runs

Harlequin crest (Ptopaz)
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Heart of the Oak flail
Skullder's Ire (Ptopaz)
Herald of Zakarum (Pdiamond)
Arachnid Mesh
War Traveler (47%)
2x Nagelring (29% and 28%)

15% allres 12% FHR grand charm
Gheed's Fortune (36%)
small charms giving total of 129% MF and some other bonuses

Total MF with all gear is 483%

my HF Merc has these:

Crown of Thieves
Tomb Reaver (AmnAmnShael)
Tal Rasha's Guardianship

Total MF when merc gets the kill is 633%

All that gear was quite difficult to get and I had to cube my 2 Gul runes to get that Vex


Vigor 20 (31)
Blessed Aim 20 (31)
Concentrate 20 (31)
Blessed Hammer 20 (33)
Holy Shield 15 (28)
Redemption 1 (12)
Meditation 1 (12)

all pre-reqs 1

str 87 (124)
dex 116 (133)
vit 342 (379)
en 15 (22)

Blessed Hammer damage 8619-8715
Defense 8938
Chance to Block 75%
Life 1500
Mana 333
All his resistances are 74%

I use /players 8 in Pit with him always, he usually does full clear in 6 mins (well I have done that in 5 mins too but not often). Only problem are archers with some really nasty mods, they are really dangerous. But I have killed Might+Extra strong+Multishot many times with him, so it is not impossible, just difficult


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I run Pit with my Lvl 99 Amazon. She is a Hybrid.


Ptopaz Shako
Ptopaz Skullder
Upgraded Goldwrap
Nagels x2
36% MF ammy
Chance Guards
Burri / Titans - Rhyme

Her inventory is filled with 7%mfsc, only 4 6% and a 39% Gheeds.

Total MF, around 700 i guess.

Might Merc:

Eth Reapers toll
Upgraded Gaze
Upgraded Shaft

If the monsters are packed tight she can clear the Pit in 5-6mins. It usually takes between 8-10.


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running with my level 92 hammerdin white_fox


Arachnid Mesh
35% war travlers
raven frost

has exactly 239% mf from gear and charms

deals a displayed damage of 12k

/players 8 runs are fast but as i do eldrich-shrenk-pit(sometimes baal too)

it takes a while longer


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lone_wolf said:
running with my level 92 hammerdin white_fox


Arachnid Mesh
35% war travlers
raven frost

has exactly 239% mf from gear and charms

deals a displayed damage of 12k

/players 8 runs are fast but as i do eldrich-shrenk-pit(sometimes baal too)

it takes a while longer
whats his weapon?


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heart of the oak 32% res all

on weapon swith he has heavens light and my second Hoz

for when i want to use CB to take baal down alot faster.


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Nadrok the hammerdin, lvl92

Harlequin's Crest with perfect topaz
Enigma archon plate
Heart of the Oak flail (40% res all)
Herald of Zakarum with Um
Arachnid Mesh
The Stone of Jordan
Bul-Katho's Wedding Band
rare ammy, +46 life, +2 Min dmg, CR +35%, PR +29%, 1-2 cold dm 5 secs, +2 skills
Chance Guards 38%
War Travelers 49%

3 Captains charms (haven't got lion branded ones :p), 6 dex and 23 life as 2nd mods
Gheed's Charm 40%
7* 7%MF sc (no noteworthy second mods)
1* 6%MF sc
1*11% resist lightning sc

Merc equipment (HF):
ethereal Shaftstop
Tal Rasha's horadric crest with Um
The Reapers Toll

Total MF% : 347%

I know I could throw the merc Skulder's and Stealskull for example but this works just fine for me :)


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I use my summoner 90 (just one or two more rund and he's 91) to do it,


Harlequin Crest Ptopazed
Ali Baba (still need mf jewels to socket it )
4 Ptopazed Dusk Shroud
rare ammy with 1 necro skills and 22% mf (could be alot better)
Rhyme Runeword on necro headgear with + to some skills
uppgreaded Goldwrap
Chance Guards 40% mf(perfect)
2x neglaring 27,26% mf
War traveller 35% mf
Gheed's Fortune 30% mf
3 Sc's 7% mf
and some other charms with + life, FHR
and in my switch is arme of king leoric and Homonuculus, so I summon my army with this then switch back
My resist to all is -20~30% but no danger at all :scratch: 30 minions heh

Total Mf = 516%
could be alot better than that when I give my merc mf equipment and also improving my items


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I use my level 89 (just shy of 90) skellie necro, Dagon.

Harlequin Crest (PTopaz)
Skullder's Ire (PTopaz)
Ryhme Superior Grim Sheild
Chance Guards
Goldwrap (upgraded for the extra potion slots)
Rare heavy boots (22% MF, resists, FR/W)
Rare amulet (resists, +2 summoning skills)
Nagelring x 2

Plus an assortment of charms adding to resists and summoning skills, plus Gheed's Fortune.

My merc is equiped with:
Cruel War Pike (ShaelAmn)
Superior Ornate Plate (4 x PTopaz)

The strategy is what you'd expect: just amp damage the monsters (maybe cast attract or dim vision on shamans or archers), and start casting CE once the the bodies start dropping.

He's not the fastest pit runner, but staying behind a wall of minions makes him a very safe one.


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I've been having good success with my lvl 90 conc barb, with hf merc in tow.

'Crescent Moon' Berserker Axe
PDiamond Stormshield
War Travs
Chance Guards
upgraded Gold Wrap
upgraded Skullder's
PTopaz Arreat's Face
30% Nagelring
mana steal ammy
..and mf charms. Total is about 410%. Merc has got Reaper's Toll, upgraded Shaftstop, and PTopaz Harly.

Maxed Shout and BO keeps things nice and safe. Pit runs usually clock at about 20 min. because of all the horking. I once tried a Wizardspike on switch for Find Item-- the speed boost was huge.

On a side note, I just tried a freshly mat'ed strafazon for pit runs and was highly disappointed. The merc would die from anything, and even the valk (maxed) couldn't take much of a beating. Biggest problem was the Shamans, always raising the fallen and distracting my merc from bosses. I know some people have success with strafazon, but I think I'm sticking to my barb.


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I use my only MF char - level 92 sorceress, Edea.Usually at p4.

Harlequin Crest (PTopaz)
Skullder's Ire (PTopaz)
The Oculus / Moser's Blessed Circle (PDiamond)
Gull / Rhyme Round Shield
Chance Guards
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Arachnid Mesh
The Stone of Jordan x2
War Traveler

and my inventory is filled with charms(res and mf).No space to pick up any item except in the cube.

Merc gear:
P.Stealskull (PTopaz)
Skullder's Ire (PTopaz)
The Reaper's Toll

Total MF is about 600+

20 FO
17 CM
10 Ice Bolt
20 FW
15 FM
5 Warmth
and 1 in every lightning skill.

I can kill monsters quite fast at p4 except those CIs.
For those CI,usually took about 5-8s to kill all monsters in that screen.

I like to run Baal than Pit with Edea.(No problems with gloams at all)


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Metatron - Hammerdin, lvl 93

Shako Ptopaz
Mara's (28% res all)
Skullder's Ptopaz
Chancies (40%)
Wartravs (46%)
2x Nagel (30, 29%)
HotO Flal (36% res all)
HoZ Pdiamond

Inventory: 3x Lion Branded GC's, Gheeds (40%), 11x 7% mfsc's, 2x 6% mf sc's, cube, books, 1x Pruby(for luck :teeth: ) all mfsc's with second mod.

This leaves 3x2 space in my inv, I've recently decided to free some so I don't have to go back to town so often.

Total MF: ~500%
Runs the Pits for about 8 min on p8.


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Level 91 Fishymancer. +7 to all skills, +2-5 more for a few others. Takes about 20 mn for pit run. Less if I don't kill monsters on the way.
Gear- Harliquin crest. 4 ptopaz armor(junk otherwise). About 450 +MF.
Merc has Storm Spire with 4 Ptopaz armor and 3Ptopaz helm.
So if merc kills it ups my chances a bit.


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I do Pit runs with a Fireball/FO sorc. She is currently level 89 and her skills are as follows:

Cold Spells
3 Ice Bolt
20 Frost Orb
10 Cold Mastery

Lightning Spells
1 Static Field
1 Teleport

Fire Spells
1 Warmth
20 Firebolt
20 Fireball
19 Fire Mastery

The gear she MFs with is:

P.Topaz Harlequin Crest
P.Topaz Tal Rasha's Guardianship
The Occulus w/Ist rune
'Rhyme' Grim Shield
Tal Rasha's Fine Spun Cloth (13% MF)
Chance Guards (40% MF)
War Travelers (48% MF)
Tal Rasha's Adjudication
Nagelrings x2 (29% and 30%)

She carries a 37% MF Gheeds with six 7% and one 6% MF scs. Other charms include 2 Fire skillers and a few resist and life charms. I like to keep a 2x4 space free in inventory. My merc wears a Skullder's Ire(111% MF) and a 44% Stealskull. Oh and if I feel like running on /players 3 or more, I switch one of my Nagels with my Nature's Peace Ring for all the Fallen-type monsters.


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I was running the pit with a Hammerdin ( like many here ) but have just started running it with an Immortal King Barb. His gear...well, not hard to guess there. Two Nagelrings, a Fortuitous Amulet of Luck, and as many Magic Find charms as I can find. Still some room in the inventory for more. Dual Ali Baba's on the switch for Horking the Uniques. His MF is about 400%, or close to 700% on the weapon switch. Had some Ist'ed Ali Baba's left over from 1.09

Only tough spot so far is if there's too many skeletons in a row. Skeletons mixed with other mobs is fine, long as there's something around to leech off of. Hammerdin was faster and easier but I wanted a change of pace for a while. The Hammerdin found the Immortal King's Soul Cage that finally let me start this char.


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I use a Barb, he's level 92 with 445 MF (665 with find item).

Gear: -
Shaeled Ariocs Needle
Topazed Harly
Topazed Skulders
8ll/5ml/5 all res rare ring
Upgraded Goldwrap
War Travelers
Laying of Hands
Ali Baba's socketed with MF jewels

Charms: -
Gheeds (40)
Small charms with 4 - 7 MF.

Merc: -
Tomb Reaver

Skills: -
20 Whirlwind
20 Spear Mastery
20 Find Item
20 Battle Orders
5 Increased Speed
3 Natural Res
1 Battle Command
1 Berserk


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I use a lv. 91 Avenger for my runs. I have 346% mf and 532% mf with my mercenary. I would have more magic find, but my brother has around 600-700 mf and I do not want to disturb that ability. :)

Gear: -
Stormlash w\+28 to Maximum Damage Jewel
Skullder's Ire
Stealskull w\Perfect Topaz
Rhyme-Kurast Shield
Dracul's Grasp
Goldwrap-Battle Belt
Nagel Ring(29)
Rare Amulet- (All Resist +17, 8% Mana leech, 17% mf, +2 to Paladin Skills)
Rare Ring- (+3 Mana, L Resist +28%, C Resist +27%, 6% Mana leech, HFD,
8% Chance Lvl 3 Chain Lightning on attack)
Rare Mirrored Boots- (+93% ED, L Resist +32%, P Resist +9%, 26% MF, 20% Speed, 10% FHR)

Charms: -
Gheeds (27)
3 Small charms with 5, 6, 7 MF.

Merc: -
Reaper's Toll
Tal Rasha's Guardianship w\Perfect Topaz
Harlequin Crest w\ Perfect Topaz

Skills: -
20 Conviction
20 Vengeance
19 Holy Shield
10 Resist Lightning
10 Resist Fire
10 Resist Cold
1 Salvation
1 in all Prequesites