Post Your Equipment |AGAIN!|


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Post Your Equipment |AGAIN!|

IArielI - Blizzard Sorceress

Harlequin Crest
The Occulus
Skin of the Vipermagi [Perfect | Upgraded | Um'd]
Stormshield [Um'd]
Arachind Mesh
War Traveller's [43%]
Stone of Jordan [x2]
Mara's Kaleidoscope [23%]

+1 Cold Skills Grand Charms [x2]
Gheed's Fortune Grand Charm [37%]
Annhilus Small Charm [1/19/19/7]
Small MF Charms


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HiPotElko - FO/CB Sorc

Harlequin Crest
Arkaine's Valor [Um] | Upg. Skullder's Ire [PTopaz]
Thundergod's Vigor
Wizardspike [15% res all jewel] | Gull [13%MF jewel]
Gerke's Sanctuary [PDia] | Rhyme Grim Shield
Immortal King's Forge
Rare Prisma +2 Sorc Life Ammy
Rare Prisma Str FC Ring
Rare Str Dex LR FC Ring

5 Dual Mod Lightning Skill GCs
Assorted Life/Mana/FHR/Resist Grand-, Large-, Small Charms


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Kashmir: Ice Blast sorc lvl 91 and going up (USWL)

Deaths Fathom 35-26-31 (5/5 cold facet on death)
perfect viper mage(um)
lidless (4/4 cf)
2x soj
arachnids mesh
maras 28%
rare boot with lightning, cold, poison res all 3x

8 cold skill gc, 17-17-7 annihilus, 5 sc 4-5 all res

i use her for pvp, and have other gear in stash to duel a few builds that i find i have weakness in my main set up


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my lvl 85 orb/spike pindle sorc uses
near perfect 198% ptopazed skullders
occy-upped visceratuant
31% travs (lol)
25 and 28% nagels
rare +2 skills ammy with 6-12 resists mods
35% chancies
ptopazed shako


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Level 91 CL/ORB sorc:
Over 2300 life, 65ish% block, about 70 resist all in hell mode, but only 700 mana (it's around 850 now)


Max Chain Lightning
Max Lightning
Max Lightning Mastery
Max Frozen Orb
20 in Cold mastery after +skill stuff
And skills into other stuff (forgot)

Ptopazed Shako
ISTed Near perfect Ethereal Skullders (off by just a few percent)
ISTed Oculus
Stormshield: -15% requirements with 15% all resist jewel
Perfect BO Call to Arms with Lidless for one more skill
Goldwrap: Gonna get upgraded one for more belt slots/Sometimes I use Arachnid's Mesh
Perfect MF Chance Guards
Perfect MF% War Travellers
Rare Amulet with +2 sorc skills, resists, and stats

5X GCs with +1 lightning skills and lots of life on each GC
3X GCs with +1 cold skills and also lots of life on each GC
Horadric Cube
MF/resist SCs
Life/resist SCs
*Annihilus: Just found a good one yesterday, it's off by 2% resists

Merc (HF):
Perfect 1.09 Ethereal Vampire Gaze with CHAM
Ethereal Chains of Honor
Ethereal Bonehew (almost perfect ed) with 2 SHAELs

I also suppose that the merc could also use a Ethereal Doom Polearm (skills, speed, damage, holy freeze aura, minus enemy's cold resistance), but I havent found a good weapon to use yet.

I do about (not over) 6000 max damage with chain lightning, and a little less than 14k with lightning. Orb only does about a little less than 500.


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Harlequin Crest - Shako [PTopaz]
Tal Rasha's Adjudication - Amulet
The Oculus - Swirling Crystal [Ist]
Tal Rasha's Guardianship - Laquered Plate [PTopaz]
Stormshield - Monarch [Um]
Chanceguard - Chain Gloves
Rare MF+FCR Ring
Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth - Mesh Belt
Rare MF+FCR Ring
War Traveller - Battle Boots

An inventory full of vitality and mf small charms.


Jackson, i REALLY dont like u! You have nice stuff that i dont.... :( Where do u go magic finding? I go in the pits, but not that many good tradable items are found there. And another question, is that sorc for mfing? or PvP. Kinda looks like PvP cuz of the charms, but looks like PvM cuz of merc.


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:D :D

I don't really get all this stuff from MFing. Most of the gear I've had since 1.09. Most of the charms and gear I traded for with gems, or chips (bulk, of course).

Right now, the places that I go MFing in are:
Eldrich, Shenk, Pindle
Travincal, Mephisto
And occasionnally, Baal, and Mausoleum.


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Level 86 Meteorb Sorc:

Harlequin's Crest [PTopaz]
The Oculus [Ist]
Skin of the Vipermagi [PTopaz] (32%)
Moser's Blessed Circle [2x PDiamond]
Chance Guards (40%)
Goldwrap (upgraded)
2x Nagelring (both 30%)
Tal Rasha's Adjudication

Gheeds Fortune GC (36%)
+1 Cold Skills GC
+13 res all GC
+14 res all GC
6x MF SC = 26% MF

I also have 31% War Travellers but don't have the str to wear them yet.

Question: I've been trying to figure out what armor/shield combo to shoot for that will maximize my MF and resists. Ultimately I wanted to get a Chains of Honor Dusk Shroud and 2x Ist my Moser's Blessed Circle. I'd upgrade the Moser's to get a little more block out of it. This would keep my resists max and give 75% MF.....BUT.....I just realized that I'd lose 30% FCR from the Vipermagi and would only have a total of 30% FCR from the Oculus. I can't seem to come up with an armor/shield combo.....along with my other stuff to keep my resists maxed, get some more MF and to maintain a decent FCR. Any suggestsions? (I might just keep what I have, unsocket the 2 PDiamonds from the Moser's and re-socket it with 1 PDiamond and 1 Ist...*shrug*)

Also....I hear everyone talking about running the Pit for MF. I understand that this is good because of the area lvl and the opportunity to drop the highest lvl Treasure Classes with minimal effort to clear the area. I've not had much luck there at all. However, as a suggestion (not that it's new mind you), Andariel in v1.10 is like Meph is v 1.09 imo......and maybe even better. I used to run Meph in v1.09 like crazy with MF in the high 400s....and didn't get near the drops that I've been getting running Andariel in v1.10. Most of the stuff listed below dropped when I had 210% MF. Using some of those drops I've upgraded my equipment substantially along with my MF. If you're just looking for nice stuff.....but understand that you can't get things from the 2 highest TCs....Andariel is the boss to run. You can do a run in about a min or two. Here is a list of stuff I got last week:

Arreat's Face (barb helm)
Harlequin's Crest (helm)
2 The Oculus (sorc orb)
Arm of King Leoric (wand)
Thundergod's Vigor (belt)
Jalal's Mane (druid helm)
Lycander's Flank (amazon spear - ethereal)
2 Stoneraven (amazon spear)
Jade Talon (assassin claw)
Ribcracker (staff)
Bonehew (polearm)
2 Wizardspike (dagger)
2 Shaftstop (armor)
Vampire Gaze (helm)
2 Crown of Thieves (helm)
3 Skin of the Vipermagi (armor - 1 ethereal)
2 Atma's Wail (armor)
2 Blackthorn's Face (helm)
2 Tal Rasha's Mask (helm)
Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye (sorc orb)
2 IK Maul (mace)
Raven Frost (ring)
3 Dwarf Star (ring)
2 Manald Heal (ring)
2 Atma's Scarab (amulet)
Pul, Lem, Io

All of the above was obtained from Andariel runs....with the exception of 1 Shaftstop, Jade Talon and Ribcracker which I got from a couple of Diablo runs. And that is just the "mentionables". Andariel owns. :]



D3 Wizard Moderator
My equipment, 3 setups:

Harlequin Crest
Tal Amu
Tal Armor
Tal Belt
Oculus IST/Alibaba IST

2. Full Tal Set with
Alibaba IST/rhyme on switch

Harlequin Crest
Tal Amu
Wizard Spike
Vipermagi PTopaz
Visceratuant upgraded PDiamond
Arachnid Mesh

Gheeds 39%
Annihilius 18/14/9
couple of mf sc and mana/life sc

(Why does this have to turn into a "look what leet items i found"-thread :rant: As if we sorcs are not leet at it already. *yawn*)


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Whitstans guard W shael
Lightsabre W shael
Vampire gaze 15% faster attack
Shaft with 38% ED jewl
Highlords Amy
1 raven
1 bull catho
Nats booties
Blood fists

40 FHR in charms


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Tsunade-chan , lvl91 Meteorb

5/5Fire facet Ocu
5/5Cold facet Shako
Perfect upgraded um'd Vipermagi
um'd Stormshield
Maras 24%
Arachnid Mesh
2x SoJ
Perfect Waterwalk

5x Fireskillers
1x Annih
More than 10 19-20 life scs

Missing the 3 Fireskillers :/

Fireball dmg 10.5k, Metor dmg 22k, Orb dmg 490.

Merc setup : 310% Amn Amn Eth Bonehew , Andys face, Duriels Shell (too lazy to trade for shaft... :D )

Mr Evil

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Let me show off too!

Incantaria - Enchantress:

Kira's Guardian socketed with 15% resist jewel (84% resist total)
'Stone' wire fleece
String of Ears
Dracul's Grasp
Gore Rider
Azurewrath socketed with Shael
Arioc's Needle on switch for +4 skill prebuffing
Stormshield socketed with Shael
Rare +2 sorc, mana leech, prismatic amulet
Rare life leech, prismatic ring

A whole load of ar/life/fhr charms
Tome of tp


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HCL, lvl 86 meteorb

18 resist all with 40 to poison, 18 str, 63 life, 50 mana ammy
11% resist all fcr ring
upgraded nightsmoke

+life/mana/resist charms and gheeds

HF merc
double amn boneshew
shaftstop, gaze

note that all of my current gear except tearhaunch are from hell andy =)


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Talon0835 said:
Ice Blast Sorceress?!?! O_O Can you post your damage, sir?
very well then

this build is focused on ice blast and its synergies. the beauty of this is
FO, ice bolt, and blizzard all help make ice blast more powerful. this give you a FO and its synergy, blizzard and 2 of its synergies, and ice blast and its synergies.

in the set up i posted the damage of each skill is

max ice bolt (lvl41 with item) 1820-2122
max FO (lvl41 with item) 1113-1161
base lvl 17 blizzard (38 with item) 6952-7236
max ice blast (lvl41 with item) 7094-7280
max cold maxery (lvl41 with item) -220% cold resist

she has 35%ed to cold and -5% cold resist from deaths fathom, +4%ed to cold and -4% cold resist from lidless. o yeah she is now lvl 92 :uhhuh:


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HCL, lvl 86 meteorb

18 resist all with 40 to poison, 18 str, 63 life, 50 mana ammy
11% resist all fcr ring
upgraded nightsmoke

+life/mana/resist charms and gheeds

HF merc
double amn boneshew
shaftstop, gaze

note that all of my current gear except tearhaunch are from hell andy =)