Post here if you don't use mastery


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Post here if you don't use mastery

Kind of a little poll...some random person on said that you don't really need barb mastery. So, I want to see if this is true or not. Post if you don't use mastery or if you have it at a low level (make sure to say which level), and how well you do in Hell pvm or high level pvp (make sure to post this distinction). Of course figuring out the last bit is hard because there's many factors in the mix, try to give as many details about your build so that we can see what helped balance out the lack of mastery (if it is true that it can be done...)


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I've got my uber-hunter frenzy barb. 1 point in axe mastery and he has no troubles. PvP however is another issue.


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Not to be pedantic...but...your post doesn't really help me and others understand, which is really the purpose of the topic. So, to post a clarification (and I hope no one takes this the wrong way), don't look at the part of the post that says "post here" or "poll" (was going to remove the poll part out but it won't let me edit it out) and mindlessly just post "yeah, I do." It would be more helpful to post some kind of description of your character, such as skills, stats, gear, pvm or pvp, hell-viable (which areas?), and any other relavent info so that people can see/understand how the lack of mastery is, for the lack of better words right now, 'made up.' Thanks in advance...I hope you will post back with any info about your character and again I hope you don't take my post the wrong way...


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For pvm barbs, i do not max mastery, especially with frenzy builds where skill point distribution is very tight.

PvP barbs need to max it for the AR/Damage bonuses because Whirl Wind itself provides very little of both compared to other barbarian skills.

My pvm barb uses

Ebotdz + Beastz
Ap Fort
Ber'd Arreats
2x 20 dex, 230+ AR Ravenfrosts
2x Hoto on switch for bo etc
Last Wish in stash for ubers.

With this set-up he achieves around 8k AR (5.5k AR with WW)and rougly 2k-5k Dmg each hand (that's averaging). He'd do more if I put more points into taunt.

My BvC Barb.

Greifz + Beastz
On witch, 2x Doomz
15 ed Dusk nigma
Ber Ber Coa
Highlords/Angelics Ammy
1 or 2x 20 dex, 230 + ravenfrosts / angelic ring
Trang Gloves
Lots of AR/Life Charms.

Really, any dueling barb who uses WW as a main attack needs to max their mastery to add on to the rather poor (compared to other skills) bonuses to AR and damage.


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Thanks for taking the time out to type your gear out. Okay, I'm trying to understand - So, from what I can see, the higher base damage of frenzy + the damage and AR bonuses from those high runewords pretty much replace the mastery if I'm understanding correctly, especially the fanatacism aura, arreats, and fortitude (that's the armor right?). And the DS from gores and highlords... What do the 'z' suffix on the weapon runeword mean, and the AP prefix of fortitude? And can you get away with level 1 mastery for PvM Whirlwinder (assuming +1 skills and/or replacement mods from gear, I'm guessing yes but the damage will be average and not ideal)?


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Well yeah, for whirlwind by itself is highly inefficient because it gives relatively low damage/AR bonuses. You need to bump it up as much as you can. An ideal PvM WW set-up for me would be

2x Ebotdz (Z = Beserker Axe, often know as a zerk or just Z)
AP Fort (AP = Archon Plate)
Angelic Ring
Angelic Ammy

With this, you should do some very solid whirlwind damage, you'll be reaching the last whirlwind breakpoint and you'll have a very healthy AR.

PvM Skill Distribution for this build would be something like

20 WhirlWind
1 Axe Mastery
20 Battle orders
20 Shout

1 point in your 1 point wonder skills.
Then putting the rest into either beserk or bumping up natural resistance/iron skin/increased speed. With the gear you are using, (even if you sub out 1 of the ebotdz and use beastz) you'll be able to survive fairly easily through hell, with decent damage and a healthy AR.


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There is more often than not little reason to NOT max a mastery. There aren't that many places to put your points, and investing in a skill that will give you upwards of a 23% chance to deal double damage, on top of general damage and AR increases, is a huge bonus.



If you wanna max frenzy synergies then you'll be seriously lacking skill points.
You don't necessarily need to max them ALL. 1-point in Berzerk is enough for some players.

I can see how the extra skill points would be useful, but you have to calculate how much damage it adds up to in the end. If it adds less than 300 points overall, a base 23% critical strike might be more useful.