POST 2000! so, pizza?


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Well, the only pizza I can eat is homemade from scratch. My body is either allergic or intolerant to wheat, yeast, and dairy, plus I dont eat meat so regular pizza for moi.

I make pizza dough with rice flour and no yeast, so it's like soda bread, if ya know what that is. Then for toppings I use tomato paste, onions, bellpepper, mushrooms, olives, sometimes pineapple, and of course plenty of pizza spices/seasonings.

No, it's not what most people would consider normal pizza, but I've adjusted to it and have become quite fond of it :)


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TMNT power

If it is pizza, chances are I'll eat it no matter who made it. I like Domino's, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar's, Papa John's, Tony's, and a local brand made by Tops Markets.

This may explain my gravitational dilemma with regards to excess mass.


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cheesy filled all the

i once did holiday jos at pizza hut and when we had lunch break, we could make our own pizza's... (we couldnt make cheesy crust or any BIG pizza, but we did anyways)

i always made cheesy crust chicken barbequesause whit pineapple and lots of meat... :drool:


1. buffalo chikcen pizza w/ ranch dressing
2. cheese pizza with tobasco sauce
3. homemade hawain pizza
4. potato chiken rosemary (i've only had the freezer ones)
5. natural pizza (tomatos, strong cheese in patches, spinach and all that)

i make it homemade, but i got nothing on some of the places around here. pizzarif, your name/tar usually makes me want pizza
itsPizzarific said:
omg you have a california pizza there too? and i thought it was local. =o
nah, they're a chain. i had it in san fran when i lived there. there's one in houston where i live now. they even have frozen pizzas at the grocery store that are pretty good.