Possible to beat melee chars with 163%fcr Druid?


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Possible to beat melee chars with 163%fcr Druid?

So I wanna make a Druid next ladder, and I prefer to have 163%fcr all the time.
However this requires me to wear Spirit witch has only 42%base block.
So I have 2 Questions(3 actually):

-1, Is it possible to beat Melee chars with only about 30%block if you played well?
doesn't minionstack helps vs melee?

-2, If I wear the right gear I get about 150 Dex with no points in it.
if I add 150 dex myself I would come to about 68%block with Spirit on lvl 92.
Is this worth the loss in life?

I know gear switching would be the better option overall, but in pubs I don't like the idea of switching block or fcr gear the whole time.


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Re: Possible to beat melee chars with 163%fcr Druid?

depending what meele u talking. you willl have hard time vs bvc and sins..you have hard vs sins anyway but hell..
bvc will just eat u.
zealots and fury or fury/rabies can hurt you bad. especially when u are summoning minions when they can leech off them.

imo, i don't see point in spending so much points in dex to get that block with spirit. I am sure there was a guide about building a 7K life max block dru somewhere here, but too lazy to find (in fact, I am too busy finding bloody topaz to get cubed mals to make an oath before it goes all nl :/ )

anyway, in pubs you will be ok with eith 99 FCR or 163 FCR set up, as long as you hit fhr bps too. you caa tell what kind of game it is from looking at who's in, and when casters are there, they are usually dominating hence u just go 163, if it is mostly melee, you go DR + block set up with 99 FCR, simple.

w/o DR, i don't think MB with spirit is worth it. if you do have dr, that would be something else but since I do not have first hand experience, I can't tell you anything about that.

PS in pubs, I prefer 163 btw. most of peopel i've seen a melee was either smiter or bvc. and pubby bvs aren't usually good. in fact, if you spam nadoes, they usually run into one till they die (vouch me on this people!!)