Portal Limitations


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Re: Portal Limitations

I won't edit it because the details are sketchy, but I think this is how it goes:

You can't portal to Arcane Sanc or the Harem until you've destroyed the altar that gives you the ammy (q3). You can run through the Harem to Arcane if the game creator has completed q3 before making the game, though.

You can't portal to Canyon of the Magi or any of the tombs if you don't have the Arcane Sanc quest done. However, you can take the red portal there if the summoner is/was killed in that game.

You can't portal to the Durance (any level) until you have the Travinical quest done.

You can't portal to the Worldstone Keep (any level) until you have the ancient's quest completed. You can take portals on the summit or right by the entrance in ancient's way.