popularity of Grim shield for rhyme


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popularity of Grim shield for rhyme

Why is this so? Is it because Grims have the best block/defence/weight trade-off?

I personally prefer Tower Shield equivalents because of its high blocking. I find the speed penalty is not very significant for my fast character.

Is there any flaw in my strategy?


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Many casters have Rhyme in the weapon switch to change to it (plus Ali Baba or Gull) for the killing blow while having lots of additional MF.

Grim shields have a rather high defense (by far the highest of all exceptional shields) while having low reqs and they are light shields. Their base blocking is a little worse, but that's rather irrelevant for sorcs because most aren't built for blocking anyway.

I think the best shield for Rhyme is a troll nest. Most sorcs have more than enough strength anyway, so they can wear a Spirit monarch. However, it's not that important because it's mormally used versus single targets like Meph or Andy who aren't really a problem for a sorc. For example, my MF sorc wears stuff worth a few Ist runes, but IIRC she still wears a Rhyme grim shield because it's so unimportant.


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My favourite is the Tower Shield, or if running speed is important, the Heater.

My options are limited, because very few of my characters have more than 82 in STR.

It often depends on what drops first for that character, a 2s Tower Shield or a Shael (or suitable lower runes I can cube to a Shael). If the rune drops first, I will most likely make it in a Bone Shield I have bought from Drognan in Normal.