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Im not quite sure if this is the right place for this post but I am in dire need of help. So last night was trading stuff and started of with trang oul set and in the end of the night I had an Eth Exile Shield and 4x Hr's. Being very happy with myself I just hit the hey.

This morning when I logged on. The Enigma ( Already had one ) 4x Hr's and Exile are gone. I can understand the Hrs poofing but the Exile shield I made myself ( by trading for the runes and shield ) and the Engima I have had for a week or so. Does this sound like a hack or a poof ?


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Re: *Poof*

Well.. Enigma that you already had gone missing too and from the info you gave..
most probably u got hacked..

Went to any "websites" introduced in game lately ?
or download any 3rd party softwares ?