polygamy good or bad?

Yeah, I really have trouble seeing why so many "Christians" are so anti-mormon.
But then again, Different denominations have been killing each other in the name of Jesus for 2000 years...
I wish most of the people who claim to be Christians would actually start listening to what Jesus said.


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I saw the show and dont think the guy should be allowed to do it, at this time. Only because it is illegal. If he thinks the law wrong, he should petition the government to change it, as is his and every other citizen's right. If he gets the law changed, then he should start his practices.

As in if the law should be changed, I dont really care much either way. Personally, I say no thank you, nagging + 2 or more just aint that appealing :lol:

FoodP, I agree with you completely. It seems so many denominations are so convinced they are the only right one. My denom (baptist) tends to be vicious about it, for no good reason.

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Sarge, not that I want to try to get you irked, but I think that you're wrong about them not being a breakaway from the LDS...

The fact that they are excommunicated and aren't a part of it now doesn't mean that they aren't a breakaway from it, any more than Orthodoxy and Catholicism weren't breakaways of each other despite the fact that they were excommunicated back in the day (and since been recommunicated).

While I'm not suggesting that polygamy is part of the LDS (I know it isn't and hasn't been for over a century or so), I don't think that disqualifies this group from being a breakaway of that faith just on the merit that they do believe in polygamy. Perhaps we will have to agree to disagree or somesuch, but just because they are currently unrelated doesn't mean they don't share similar beliefs or that the current faith is not an offshoot of a previous incarnation of the LDS.

I hope I'm being clear enough...


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The problem isn't polygamy itself, it's the abuses that are related to it. Nothing's wrong with 3 or more consenting adults choosing a relationship like that. You might not choose it for yourself, but you and society have zero right to enforce your preferences on them.

Of course things like forced marriage are wrong. But that's an entirely different issue.. if you want to complain about it, make a new thread on forced marriages.