Poll: What platform do you play D2 on?

What platform do you play D2 on?

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I’m curious what platform everyone is playing on these days.

If you play (as I do) in a Windows environment on Mac / Linux, vote as the appropriate Windows version.

You can post with more details too.

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Windows XP in a VMWare VM on Win10.

However, I just found out that if I upgrade to D2 v1.14, I can dispense with the VM.

Hey, I've been away, I missed some stuff.


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Win 10 cos i have a pretty new gaming laptop. Yes highly overpowered for D2 but it wasn't bought for D2 ;) Still amused that Euro Truck Simulator flags as needing more processor power even though when i got it i looked and this one was ranked 30's on top 200 processor list.... The graphics card isn't the best but its more than adequate for what i play. Heck actually have one is a big improvement.


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MacBook, natively. Don't have any Windows devices in the house anymore so the only option. D2 is pretty much the only game I play that is not on PS4, so as long as it works on my MacBook, I'm good.


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Primarily on Windows 10, but sometimes on a Power Macintosh G4 under Mac OS 9, when I feel like taking a break from the internet and modern computing.


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I keep around an old laptop with XP where I code in c++, play SNES emulation and, obviously, D2.
It makes me feel old to admit it, but there are times when I enjoy it more than a lot of ps2/PS3/PS4 games I have at hand :(


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I run Win7, native on a PC, because it's what I have. I have a master boot disc containing installs for every version of 7, both 32- and 64-bit, and it's the version of Windows I know best.


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Is everyone who says Win 10 is fine using Windowed mode?
I have some recent issues with windowed mode on Win7. A -w shortcut doesn't run the game (game.exe shows up in Processes and immediately disappears). Can't be bothered to investigate further since I rarely use it anyway.


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When loading full screen, do you get weird black screens and flashes of desktop background in 800x600 as the desktop adjusts. Does this also occur whenever there is a cutscene?