Poll: Do you enjoy the buildup?

Do you enjoy the WWI buildup?

  • Yes, the splash screens and hidden images are awesome.

    Votes: 24 47.1%
  • Yes, but they're dragging it out too long this time.

    Votes: 1 2.0%
  • It's okay, but they'd better deliver something big, after all this foreplay.

    Votes: 21 41.2%
  • No, this is stupid. Wake me when it's Saturday.

    Votes: 5 9.8%

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Poll: Do you enjoy the buildup?

Do you guys/girls enjoy when Blizzard runs their splash screens and hidden purple beast images and all the rest, or would you rather they remained low key and didn't tease you for a week in advance?


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Re: Poll: Do you enjoy the buildup?

I think this idea of a (prolonged) splash screen countdown is great. It's interesting to see all sorts of theories being brought up, linking to Diablo 3. Especially the alpha-numeric thing with the hidden image, I thought it'd have died down when the 3rd image was revealed to be "W", but it never died did it (With that DASHOW connection).

But if anything, history has taught me not to put my hopes too high on this one. Remember Starcraft: Ghost? (That 24 hour countdown timer). Now that was such a let down, I mean, the teaser had a silhouette of a Ghost, leaving everyone feeling hyped up over Starcraft 2.

I think I'll wait for WWI. Till then, it has been (and will be) fun seeing those updated splash screens daily (along with the updated theories).


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Re: Poll: Do you enjoy the buildup?

It does interest me a little bit, but I think people are taking it a little far and keep reaching for D3 when really that is only one of very many possibilities. People looking for hidden meanings and such in the teaser, but I still remain skeptical, mainly because if this is anything but D3 I will be crushed, I don't know how much more of Blizzards attention to everything BUT diablo I can take. Sure ladder reset is very nice and all but come on, we are long overdue for at least some information about diablo and to assure us they still care about the diablo franchise aside from a reset and a patch that does nothing.


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Re: Poll: Do you enjoy the buildup?

I enjoy it, though I think we should try to keep things organised like blizzard keep their things organized. Now we have information and theories all over the place, on 3 different forum while most of the post or just saying the same things, contradiction things that have been said, etc.

I would enjoy it more if we could somehow try to get all the information at one place and try to come with some nice theories. We have seen some nice and convincing theories though a lot of people just want to see something.
Therefore, I think it would be nice to have a thread to discuss the whole picture in a reasonable way. Problem is how to organise this.

Anyway, It's good and fun though if they don't announce something big, I'm no longer responsible for my actions.

Mestre Crjspim

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Re: Poll: Do you enjoy the buildup?

Superb marketing work!!! All the hype generated because of this build up is exactly what Blizzard wants. I'm sure that this was planned and manipulated tho the last detail. They know that WotLK and Starcraft 2 are expected and they know that the Diablo community is strong, numerous and eager for a new title... they know how to light the flames!!! Moreover, they know that they need something powerfull in WWI and will direct all their strengths to that even if it isn't Diablo III.

And don't forget that BlizzCon is near and near... they can keep some hype after WWI and light that hype much more in the previous weeks of Blizzcon...

Great work Blizzard!!!:thumbup:


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Re: Poll: Do you enjoy the buildup?

No! it's tearing me apart! At first, I was like: "Oh, this is cool. This is D3 for sure!" Now, I'm like: "Purple penguin, SC2 rune, Blackthorne? I'm so confused." I just wish Blizzard would stop toying with us!


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Re: Poll: Do you enjoy the buildup?

Blizzard is the best at making people unsure about what they feel to be true, thinking that it is perhaps a lie.. and causing mass discussion and hype. They don't even need any tv spots or whatever, think of how much they save in marketing in this fashion... their name is all they need. They are always different, yet similar - each teaser displaying elements of all the franchises with hints so small or farfetched that they propagate doubt and dissention... building the hype and internet talk even further.

The last few years are like a big history of clues - some that may only be there because you want them to be there - and it is building to a climax. The teaser is just that, a climax to a long-awaited announcement. In fact, I may multi-climax once I see the inevitable video.

Blizzard, you are one magnificent bastard. I hate you. :crazyeyes:
(PS: Blizzard, I love you)


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Re: Poll: Do you enjoy the buildup?

I hate it.

I absolutely hate it.

Why? Two Games come mind.

1) StarCraft Ghost: All the hype, flyers, marketing, demos, teasers, that poster you got when you bought SC, and even a release date. Is it on the shelves? No.

2) Hellgate London. Everyone hyped up this game, EVERYONE ON HERE talked about it for months, and how great it was going to be, how it was the "spiritual sucessor" of Diablo 2, and Guess what...it sucked.

I only point out these because well, you don't know. Its all rumors, and acting like it is "official" or that Blizzard "SAID" this, is crap.

Or we have "insider information" Or "we cracked the code" No you didn't. Your guess is as good as anyone elses.

For all we know, it could be ANOTHER WoW expansion, Lost Vikings, A Starcraft 2 expansion, whatever.

I say all of that to say this: All of this hype/rumors/ whatever, just ruin the game. See number two.

What if the game sucks? All this time talking about "how good it is" its just going to ruin the game, when you are disapointed when it is nothing like you expected.

Like I said in another post, I'm not going to believe anything, until I got to Best Buy, and it is sitting there.

Also, I won't buy it if it is an MMO..

Which is dishearting too, and why I didn't buy Hellgate...

Mestre Crjspim

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Re: Poll: Do you enjoy the buildup?

Dorfoumous, you have some big issues dealing with ansiety and disappointment. I must say that you have some reason regarding the quality of the game and the hype around it. If the game sucks, we will have major problems keeping the Diablo franchise alive... nevertheless, it has been underlined in this forum that Blizzard does not releases bad games...