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Do you prefer full clears or chest runs?

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aznbboi16 said:
I would want high damage vs characters like Barbarians or wind druids, and the GMB setup for this kind of duel doesn't do much more damage than a mat bow.
well a little comment on that :p

as a general ele drood (wich has almost none FHR), they laugh at my jalal shael on me drood, but the druid with the "gosu" circlet with 2x jah or somthin still lose as i can spam tornado more times then they do

but thats not subject ele drood lack fhr (most of the time), and so not realy a problem with my ama, but tele-ww baba are little pain in the ass, as you need to be skilled to outrun those nasty things and for that a coa with 2x shael or somthin in it would be prefered, and for winddrood with low FHR = 7 fps very useful and for tele-ww baba would be some fhr and a 7 fps be useful and you must be skilled in avoiding else you will have diff vs those

and about that about the dueling, i was not realy planning to go EP, or those duel leagues, i was more planning for private dueling with pple...

and idd i think faith, grief, LS and all these special overpowered rw should be banned but the RW forti will not be banned as the 15x/60/100 life armors (i am talking about these "legit" items) must be banned to as forti not that much better as those armors it has about 40-50 ed more and 25-30 resist, thats the only important difference with those 15x/60/100 armors and forti not has ias on it (if it was it was even more overpowered as enigma-.-')

so i will go pub duels mostly with that ama, but i still have my doubts on ICE as that weapon is nice to (look this forum fore more details as i and v3mpire did some testing on ICE with 2 specific amazone)

and this thread was be help as i did look at COA but as my ama is now she will not be able to ever wear it, so that would be out of the options, and pple can let their opipions here and as some faq i meant this thread for opionions as i mentioned before to ttp-.-



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ToThePoint said:
The high damage setup is SUPPOSED to lack dr - its vs nonphysical chars who wont be doing physical damage to you so zero is as good as 50.
The fhr/res which you lack can be replaced in the 37 spaces in your inventory which is the 'cushion' for obtaining the same damage as matri.
You are right though there will be some res/def lost in the physical gmb setup but def is almost irrelevant on ama as it will never get very high and anyone can hit amas. Res isn't so important vs physical but ofc some cases it will be.
Duelling sorc and necro, the higher the damage the better as you need to do enough to overcome ES/bonearmor before you do significant damage to them. If you dont then they either regen the mana or recast the armor.
Matri is the 'one stop GA shop' but with the gmb you can have as good as vs physical and superior vs non.
I guess it really depends where you play, because my amazon with chilling armor active and (low) shout from a barb had 14k defense (I'd estimate 18k when she gets her nl gear and a real shout). This will make a difference vs low AR opponents such as wwsins or even bvcs and force them to enchant. Combine fairly high defense with d/a/e and you get a pretty sturdy zon.
Where I play it isn't always 1v1, and barbs are fairly common, so it wouldn't be too out of the ordinary to have a shout.

I realize that the high damage setup is for non physical, but where I play, I will most likely be facing all kinds of damage types and this is where the flexibility of a Mat bow will shine. Same goes for pubs. Lots of different characters out there.

Like I stated, to use fhr from charms means you will be sacrificing life or fr/w. Resists isn't a big deal since you just lose out on some damage and average around the same as a mat bow.

For me, it's Mat bow all the way. I don't really want to have too many different gear switches in my stash.


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1 (Base) + 1.35 (GA) + 3.00 (Fort) + 2.** (Fanat) + 2.00 (Dex) + .39 (jewel) = 10.62

86 + 15 (War Travs) = 101 x 10.62 = 1072 Min dmg
202 + 25 (WT) + 117 (Charms) = 344 x 10.62 = 3653 Max dmg

1072-3653 Dmg
2362 Avg dmg


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Well it's only 18 more str than a non -req stormshield, which I use. So 18 stats = 56 life, and imo 30fhr, 30 resists and 2x%DR are far more important than 56 life.

Even so, my zon pushes 1.7k life without BO.


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dkay: well i pull out about 2.5k dmg withouth any elemental bonus, and got a 7 fps (ofc)

and as i am little lazy to calculate:
guided arrow: 3043-4315
multi shot: 2181-3010

these is my dmg i do this is with elemental dmg, it is good for as my char is :rolleyes:

Necrophilous: thats why i dont get a COA for my zon as she has 103 strenght (strenght bugged)



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well there are many choices:
but best is a ama circlet: +2 ama skills, 30 frw, xx life, xx dex (these are a must more is welcome, and you sox it with ed/ias jool)

those things are expensive though, as i use a shako for life, mana, dmg reduce%


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I have no idea what the formula to calculate the dmg

could anyone do some maths for me?

lvl 14 342 faith mat bow 3 skills bow / 2 skills
fort 1.25 life
20strg/15 dex ring
250/20 raven
war travler
120/45ias 40 life bv
2passive,20ias,10strg, 7 dex glove
cat eye ammy
titan and ber ber shael shield of deflectin switch..'

assuming i m using 3/xx/xx sc and 3/xx/5 r/w charms with 20stats anni

what the base dmg before dex? and Assumming 60 strg base or less and rest into dex.


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Um, how much can resi and hp really matter? You're dead anyway, with the crazy damages from lightning bolts and hammers and fists. Your main survival should be dodges and avoids anyway, and unless you're able to dish out a lot of damage fast enough to beat them before they get to you, you're toast. Dex build and GMB all the way.


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Preach on Brill, preach on!

Since facts don't seem to be needed, i'd pick gmb over matri any time. Just for the looks of it!

And that's a fact! :eek:




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I use a GMB +2/+3/14 330
I tried WF 15/40 and P matra faith , I'll definately stick with the GMB .