Polearm barbs (trying not to sound redundant)

Cloud Strife

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Polearm barbs (trying not to sound redundant)

Im gonna make a polearm barb but i've never made one so i have a few questions..
Btw, this will be for non-ladder, non-hardcore (us west if it makes a difference).

-Cruel warpike of quickness?
-Bonehew? (for lvling till i can use better)
-botd warpike?

warpikes have the best dmg, but is thier weapon speed and range too low to be worthwhile?

whats important? AR? Dmg? Life? (i have 10 warcry gc's)
Im fairly confident i can get a lvl 42 or so BO and Shout but should i focus on dex or str or vit?

If im a polearm barb, should i be a ww, conc, zerk or something different?

For now my gear is semi-ok. Its arreats, barb valor, rspiral, rfrost, tgods, wartravs/aludurs, ik gloves, and i think i have a rare +1 barb skills ammy or somethin.

Like i said earlier, i have 10 warcry grandcharms, but no small charms. maybe fhr sc's? r/w sc's?

Also, if a thread like this was made please dont flame. just post the link and i'll gladly answer my own questions.


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Cloud Strife said:
that was kind of helpful but im looking for more. anyone else got ideas?
im making a pike barb myself at the moment as well...

the thing with a war pike is that while it cant reach the last breakpoint with the botd runeword, it can as a magical weapon. Get yourself a cruel war pike of quickness.. socket it with 2 shaels.. and you reach the last breakpoint.. :clap:

Besides.. a barb holding a pike is the coolest looking character in the game :yep:


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maybe im the only one that noticed but arent u making a polearm barb? if so then a war pike is a spear class not polearm


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He's nonladder so he won't be able to upgrade to elite....and yes a pike is a spear so if u are a pole barb i wouldn't recommend using this :p. However what u might wanna try using your bonehew with 2 shaels which will hit the last bp. If u can find one that's perfect or close to perfect u'll have about 600 max damage, which isn't bad at all. Hmm, you have a ? by BOTD so I won't list this as your main option, but a BOTD in an eth great poleaxe would hit the last breakpoint and have some insane damage. I hope this helps man.