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Poisonmancers - Max Enemy Resist Reduction?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by Sarp, Jul 1, 2010.

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    Jul 10, 2008
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    Poisonmancers - Max Enemy Resist Reduction?

    I recently made a poisonmancer for PvP. I actually respecced my bonemancer, who I was terrible with (which always seems to be the case whenever I come back to D2!) and so far I like the poisonmancer alot more.

    The reason why I think the poisonmancer is a superior necro PvP build is this: It is the "gg" spec for the necromancer class. Think about every other class and how fast they can kill you:

    Sorceress: Endless options here. Fireballs, Chain Lightning, Frozen Orb, Blizzard. Each of these attacks is in the 10,000 dmg range, and can 1 or 2 shot a CTA buffed Necro.

    Barbarian: BvC is an entire class on its own. And Whirlwinds - lolwinds, youre done if you get hit by them (blocking necs have a better shot but still)

    Paladin: Blessed Hammer of Noobness anyone? Honestly it baffles me that this skill is still so strong in PvP. It serves no purpose in the game to have something be that powerful, other than for bots to absolutely wreck in PvM.

    Assassins: Lightning. Sentry.

    Druids: More fairly balanced than the others, but still - can wreck some face.

    As you can see, many classes are able to smoke a necro with some fairly cookie-cutter attacks. This isn't a QQ thread, but it just shows how much more skill we have to play with. But we do have one attack which rivals the damage and killing power of these others - poison nova. Its the only necro attack which really has "gg damage," and while you still have to play defensively and constantly teleport to dodge the dangerous opposition, you can truly trash an opponent with it!

    Anyway, I love my poisonmancer already in PvP and PvM, he's a more efficient killing machine in both regards than my bonemancer was. Additionally the "respec" option saved me the time of levelling a new char up to try this out. I do have one question in addition to the observations:

    Is going for the 3 Trang'Oul set item bonus (-25% enemy resist) worth it in PvP? I can achieve the 75% FCR rate (125 is impossible with Death's Web, I think) through 20 amulet/20 circlet/10 ring/10 ring/20 Trang gloves. [Could even be a 15 amulet].

    Death's Web and Trang's gloves alone make a really huge difference in PvP damage obviously, and throwing on some poison facets to DW, circlet, and having the 3 set trang bonus would put you at -90% enemy poison resist! That's pretty disgusting on Hell Mode, and should allow 1 or 2 novas to take an enemy down to 1 hp.

    I wanted to know if anybody has tried this and if it is worth while. For my money the faster the enemy can die the faster I'll win - I don't have max block (though Trang wing offers high block), and I have all vit and can achieve the FCR I need through those items listed. I wanted to know if anybody is in the same boat as me. Let me know your thoughts

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