PoisonMancer. What to do with left over skills???


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PoisonMancer. What to do with left over skills???

Hello everyone. I'm getting set to make a poison necro. I just bought my death web! WOOT.

anyways, gear will look like this:

3pnb / 20 fcr / mana circlet
breast plate enigma
1 soj
1 fcr ring with some mana / little resists.
arachnid mesh
homunculus with 5/5 facet (max block)
2pnb death web. +5% / -45%
Trang Gloves
3 pnb / 10 fcr amulet (woohoo)
Sandstorm Treks

Necro hellfire, Annihilus, and 9 pnb gcs.

cta on switch.

now... after i put 1 to lower resist, and maxed my poison skills...

what should i put the rest of my points to??

i'll have about 35.

These were my ideas:

1. Max skeleton, 1 clay, 1 golem mastery, 1 summon resist, rest to SM.

2. 1 bone armor, 1 bone wall, 1 bone spear, 1 spirit, rest to bone prison. Gets decent damage with spear / spirit. and good bone armor.

3. Max mages, put 1 to revive.

i will be getting a golem no matter what...

so, which of those should i do??

should i have 1 to revive?

also, this will be for PVP and PvM. 50/50.

so for pvp i was thinking the bone skills would help more, but pvm skellies or mages might help a little more...

but i've tested and the poison can almost kill ANYTHING. and quick..

what do u guy suggest?




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1 pt golem, max mages, extra in SM... the mages will benefit from you lower res curse... normal skeles dont help a poison necro nearly as well


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Hard choice,

I made my psn/summon firstly with extras in SM and he PWND PVM and mostly PVP as well.
I remade him with max block with homunc and extra points in prison for armor synergy because ina good dueling game ur gunna die and u dont want to have to go get ur army after every death.
Personal preference. Although making him and not rushing him. .which is the funnest thing to do with this char. Getting the Skels and mastery at lower lvls will be easier and funner.
good luck


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i still can't decide what to do. I'm pretty much debating mages or bone skills now.

However, if i die in pvp, i won't have to raise an army again if I go with bone. But i think the mages might be a little better in pvm...