Poison Talon Idea


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Poison Talon Idea

Hey I was wondering if an assassin who specialized in dealing venom damage via dragon talon was a good idea (in pvp).


Weapon: "Beast" Caduceus
Shield: Stormshield
Switch: (2) +3 Shadow Discipline SKills Claws
Helmet: Harlequin's Crest (40/15 or Poison Facet, not sure which is better yet)
Armor: "Enigma" Dusk Shroud or "Bramble" Dusk Shroud (still not sure either, since the assassin already has a form of teleport, and that +50% poison damage is uber-ness)
Gloves: Trang'oul's Gloves
Boots: Rare Myrmidon Greaves
Amulet: Angelic Wings
Ring: Angelic Halo
Ring: Angelic Halo

Charms: (10) Shadow Discipline Skillers, (9) +20 life with assorted resists, (1) Annihilius

In stash: "Chaos" Claws and Jade Talon

20 Dragon Talon
20 Venom
20 Dragon Flight
20 Light Sentry
11 Pre-requisites
Rest of the points go into Mind Blast

Her estimated Venom Level will be 41 with enigma and 39 with Bramble.
Calculating her damage (didnt include damage from poison facets yet)
With Enigma: 1412.5/0.4 second... 3531.25/1 second
With Bramble: 1855/.04 second... 4637.5/1 second

I am assuming that the physical damage will be considerably lower without enigma, but maybe the 400 poison damage makes up for it.

Does anyone know if the 1/6th pvp penalty counts for poison?

Also after calculating some other info, i can estimate that i will have around 32000 AR with Dragon Talon and 35000 AR with Dragon Flight, enough to hit even the most defensive characters (ie paladins with exile).
I think the assassin will still be a very fragile character, low defense and only her block and DR to protect her from melee, but she will be a very tough person to kill against casters due to fade.

This isnt fully complete but its all the data ive compiled, anyone know if this will do any good? She will mainly focus on venom and its low duration and relatively high damage to deal out good damage.


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well, 20 points in LS is a waste. use 1 point in WoF for stun. Also, i'd leave DFlight at slvl 1 because it's mostly used to get close to the opponent, then DTalon or ww them.

If you change these 2 things you will basicly have a kicksin; Dtalon+venom.

I'd either go for a pure kicker, or a ww sin. Both uses high slvl venom though, the difference is the main attack skill.


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do you think a godly kicksin could beat a godly exile/dracul pally? im tryin to create a melee char (other than barb) that can defeat them...


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if you have a godly char, and you have awsome tactics like laying down WoF the DF in throw out one series of kicks run out repeat...yeah you could take out any melee almost. just keep from getting hit once...its possible.


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yea but then they have charge... and assassins arent known for their fortitude when they get hit by a 10k physical attack :D


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lol true, true, but even im not that great of a dueler and ive taken out a lvl 85+ charger with a BoTD eth warpike, and max synergies. the trick is to be fast and use DFlight to get in close range quick to DTalon and shoot out and back in again....actually the real trick is..dont get hit lol. trust me youll get good at it after a while.

either way its just a really fun build, and has the potential to take out everything but lets face it sometimes you lose more than you like. :p


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me and my friend both want to make matching duelers, and it seemed the kicker had the versatility we were looking for, but since we frequent the palapk games (melee paladin priv duelin room) we want the character to be effective in melee'ing as well.