poison nova stacking ?


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poison nova stacking ?


sorry if this is in an faq, but i'm at work and have no time to read much right now.

i'm curious....

if 8 necromancers all cast max'd out poison nova on a creature, would the creature have 8 times max'd poison nova affecting it or can a creature only have one poison nova affect on it at any given time... ?

thanks before hand


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Only one source (such as player or minion) of Poison can affect a target at one time. If a monster is already poisoned it will not be affected by another source that hits it unless it is more potent and has a higher rate of poison damage in which case it will replace the current one. So in your scenario of multiple novas it will only be the most potent that has any effect. Therefore poison sources do not stack between players and minions.


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Poison isn't really effective in Hell Diff 8 Player Games without U'ber Gear.
Poison Nova takes 2 sec to end.
1 sec = 25 frames
Poison Nova takes 50 frames to end.
Poison Nova is a weird spell with no casting delay.
You can cast 5 waves of TEETH/BONE SPEAR/BONE SPIRIT within the period of Poison Nova with moderate faster cast rate.