Poison necro vs Pubs


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Poison necro vs Pubs

I'm making a pvp poison necro vs all.
Shako 5/5 poison
Enigma Archon
Wizzy 15 res all jewel
Spirit Monarch 35% FCR
Tgang Gloves
Mara 2*Sojs
Torch 19/14
Anni 11/15
9 PB sks (1 with FHR)
10 scs with life/mana/res/fhr mods

Why Wizzy and not Hoto? If I chouse to use hoto, I need to replace one Soj with fcr ring. So I'd lose a lot of mana and massive 50 to all res that would get with a 15 all res jewel'd wizpike. Hoto only gives 450-500 dmg more. It's really not worth since I already have 9k.

So I get 125 FCR and 86 FHR break points.
No block ofc as I use Spirit, so I go pure Vit.
Also I use my special barb with 45+ BO and fade prebuff.
How well will he do vs Pubs?
Any tips on dueling strategy?


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hell do fine, make sure you got bone armor or some skeles as a meat wall if u got no block... also, too REALLY make people angry, throw a good 40+% bramble on and be a townie.


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It's pvp build Eni is must anyway.
I max all poison skills, 1 to all summones, 1 to LR, 1 to spirit, and rest to Prison.


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Tried it.

The only way you'll kill anyone before they run back to akara is by using deathsweb. But if you do.. you will certainly loose to high mobile chars ;/


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This necro is very mobile char (125% fcr). So I only need to tele around and spam nova.
Also I'll have life 3k++ as I use my BO barb.