Poison javazon PvP viable?


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Poison javazon PvP viable?

im thinking about making one, but it seems that poison dmg is so easily negated, all you need to do is drink like 20 antidotes before dueling and you're set...


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That's basically the same for all the Resistances. Eg: to negate Lightning damage, just drop on TGod's + 2x Wisp, etc. It happens, nothing you can really do about it.

But the Poison damage still hurts a lot, and not a lot of people expect Zons to go the Poison route so you usually have the advantage the first round.

Lord Nyax

I have one that I recently made. She's using mediocre gear, except for her armor. It's a Sup Hard Leather Armor, 27 def, white, 11% dura. Godly....

She still gets a lot of kills. Her Plague Javalin does 87k right now, and once I get my Bramble that should shoot up a ton, same when I put on Arach. All I can say is that a single Javalin is a show stopper. The problem is actually connecting. People very rarely can resist going to zero life with just 1 plague javalin...