poison damage charms + venom skill


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poison damage charms + venom skill

hi there!

what happens with the poison damage and duration

when using:

inventory: 1x 100 poison small charm 5 second duration
level 1 venom (60-80 poison damage) duration 0,4 seconds

is the result:

160-180 poison damage over 0,4 seconds ?
68-** poison damage over 0,4 seconds ? (8 poison dmg / 0,4 sec by charm)


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i am 99% sure that it takes the dmg of the poison charm and see how much it does over 0,4 sec and then adds that tooo venom.. i have at least read somewere that poison charms are pretty worthless when using venom

edit: so last one.. 8 poison dmg from teh charm


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you prevented me from making a 37 x 100 poison sc in inventory keeping
multiple arrow shooting bow-assa

Silent Shaddow

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just to clear up...

actually ive posted this b4...

runs off to find it....

finds it...

when dealing the poison dmg the game shortens the duration to the duration of the shortest source ie 0.4 secs... the game then scales the damage down as well and applies all poison dmg added to gether for the same amount of time,
if u take an average bowies 290 over 10 secs sc then that becomes
29 over 1 sec
2.9 over 0.1secs
11.6 over 0.4 secs
which isnt worth it... but vemon's damage is uneffected...
so if vemon is maintained for 10 secs on an enemy then the sc deals the full 290 dmg, its just by then a lvl 20 vemon would have delt 10625 dmg...:rolleyes:
credits to me :azn:
this is most significant for people that are interested in maxing vemon dmg thro items and as you can see skills>other posion dmg (sidenote +posion %dmg ie trangs>skills>poison dmg)