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Just posting to ask if my stats/skills/gear looks right for a poisen mancer.
Str 105
dex 225 (for max block with trans shield?)
vit rest
en 50

Summoning skill tree
5 clay golum
10 golum mast

1 teeth
5 ce
20 poisen dagger
20 poisen explosion
20 poisen nova

10 attract
10 lower resist
rest in pre requests

Helm:Shako (Um)
Armour:Enigma light armour
Shield:Trangs (5/5 poisen die facet)
Weapon:Deaths web (5/5 poisen die facet)
Rings:x2 soj
6 Poisen and bone charms leave me 4 squares for tp's cube and 2 spare slots

Would this build work?


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I have a similar build to you :-

47% Deaths Web (with 4/4 poison facet)
50% Bramble (a lot better than enigma for poisonmancer - and cheaper)
2 x SOJ
30% Maras
Crafted boots (30% faster r/w, +19 to mana, increase maximum mana 5%, regen mana 9%, fire resist 39% :xgrin:
8 x P and B GCs
Trang wing with perf diamond, trang gloves and belt
Shako with UM
Poison Nova does 10348-10656
+11 to all curses (because of plus skills - only put 1 pt in each!!!)
So with lower resist doing -56% to all elemetal damage my nova actually does
16142-16623 - Enough to kill anything on hell without too much trouble. I can kill hell diablo in about 8 seconds.

I have used a pure summoner necro as well with all godly gear and i can safely say that the poison necro is more powerful, if a little less safe. Summoner has over 30 skeletons surrounding you but people always seem to complain at me (although i dont use laggy revives)

So my friend, i would definitely say get bramble instead of enigma!

Hope this helps


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Roverite said:
oh and wot merc
Holy Freeze Merc. That is Nightmare Act II defensive.

You could go with less in Clay and GM and then pump Dim Vision and Decrep a bit. Attract needs just 8 and LR works fine with just 7.


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Skells and nova are possible. I wouldn't add more then 1 point to clay golem, ever. This is a summary of my build.

1 bone armor
1 teeth
1 corpse exp
20 p.dagger
20 p.expl
20 p.nova

1 lower resist
1 to each pre req

10 skel
10 skel mastery
1 clay golem
1 golem mastery
1 summon resist

stat w/o gear
str 60
dex 200+ (max block trangs)
vita 200+
energy base

Trangs set socketed with -4% to -5% p.facets
-45% +2 necro +2 p&b Deaths Web w/ -5%/4% p.facet
wisp projector- love HoW for skels
+2 necro pris 17% ammy with other odd mods
8 p&b charms with odd mods
life + resist sc's

I play hardcore so i feel trangs bonuses are more valuable then bramble. I have no trouble killing in high player hell games. I feel i out-do hammerdins at all out killing speed.

Skels serve as great meat shields for nova. With plus skills they are around lvl 23-25, and rarely die. clay golem is near lvl 11 and works wonderfully. I use a might merc, and with HoW on, the skels do good damage for being a supplementary damage output.

Trangs allows me to have a second elemental spell (firewall) that works great with lower resist. I use it for situation when i come across a boss that wont lose p.immunity. Hell griswald for example. Hardly anything stays immune after l.resist though. I'm doing 8k displayed p.nova damage. Bramble would raise this considerably, but like i mentioned i play hc ladder and feel much safer in Trangs. This is the most powerful build i have used post 1.10.

I have a WF zon, Botd spear ww barb, 3 frenzy barbs, lightning trapper, orb sorc, summoner, hammerdin, HF/HS widowmaker ranger, Kicksyn, and a wind druid all above lvl 75. The poison nova necro is THE most powerful pvm charecter of them all. Only problem was getting the Deaths Web. That thing is sooo hard to trade for in hc.