Podcast is on an indefinite break. Flux currently has a load on his plate with work and just does not have the time. It's something we would love to get up and running again but all of us have taken on other jobs. Banner blocking and people not wanting to take out a PALship hit the site hard. So in order to keep it online, we have dived into other work. It's an expensive business keeping the servers maintained and online but I think folk just take it for granted as it's been here for 20 years :) We have asked for help many times but we don't like to bleat on about it.

When will it be back? Well, that depends on what happens finance wise in the next few months. Elly has poured literally thousands of her savings into the site in past two decades and she can't do it again.

If everyone who used this site and the wiki even donated $1 a month it would never be an issue.
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No worries Rushter and thanks for the information. Hope everything is well otherwise. If I wasn't still unemployed I would still be a PAL myself...