PNova calculation


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PNova calculation

I just did some calculations (making my own reference table, may post it later in the community forum when it's finished) and I found that PNova, at level 20 with max synergies does 1708-1872 over 2 seconds. Some care to tell me how this translates to whopping amounts of poison damage described by nova players? (My only necro that I'm using is a bone necro - not familiar with the poison bits so much)


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The high amounts of poison damage come from having a large number of plus skill items and charms, having several items that boost poison damage ( Trang Gloves, Bramble, facet jewels), and using Lower Resist curse, using items that lower the target's resistance to poison that can go as low as -100%.

I've seen calculations for exotic equipment set ups that do between 25,000 and maybe 35,000 poison damge per Nova.


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If poison nova can do that much damage, think of what a poison explosion can do. :surprise:


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TheAntiHero said:
hmm wut is the highest (no lying now :lol: ) ne one has got up to with a)pexplos b)pdag c)pnov ?
With some different gear (Venomous Amulet...etc.) I was able to get my 'cros damage up to the following skill levels just for fun. Though a much more effective poison necro with -enemy resists gear and what would be much better imo. Anyway, here's the stats according to the skill tree display screen.

Poison Dagger- 53580-54916 (44)
Poison Explosion- 112642-118691 (44)
Poison Nova- 13162-13471 (47)

I didn't take the time to get all the possible +Poison Nova items I could, but you could get Poison Nova's skill level up to 51 or 52 with specialized gear I believe, though don't quote me, it's late...
:rant: dude i clearly said ............... NO LYING !

:lol: j/k that damage is insane
""Poison Explosion- 112642-118691 (44)"" take that 290s


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I've done some checking with Chippydip's calc and it seems that highest damage per second will always come from PN. PD and PE may display higher numbers but it will be over a much longer time.


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Poison Explosion would be godly if it had larger radius, as it tends to drop most monsters in one go :)