plz help!!! was my acount hacked


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plz help!!! was my acount hacked

not to long ago some one on battle net said type /dnd ranking (account) (password) and i did. he said it shows u your rank on the game and now i keep losing conection on battle net. was my account hacked some how?:cry: :undecided:


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I can honestly say that this is the very first "I got hacked" thread of the thousands I've seen, that I like.

The OP clearly admits what he did wrong, and he doesn't ask for anything free :thumbsup:


He didn't say he was hacked. He asked if he was. He was not. He gave away his password.

Never type your password anywhere except in the box marked Password when you log in.

Seriously, you people obviously aren't paranoid enough. I didn't know about that scam for a long time when I first started playing, but I would have never done anything someone had told me to for the same reason I don't click on weird things on the internet: humans are garbage.

Edit: That reminds me: I got hacked and I need free. Dawnmaster, switch to USEast and gimme gimme gimme.