plz help a psn necro


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plz help a psn necro


my psn necro has....
20 psn dagger
20 psn explosion
20 psn nova

1 into all pre reg. cures up to low res.
3 into low res
1 into clay golem
1into golem mastery/summon res

So my question is what should i put the rest of my points into????


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1 into skeleton mastery and 20 in Raise skeleton works really nicely. I wouldn't put any more points into Lower Resistance. The target goal is -55% resists after +skills. Get Dim Vision too. There are some places where ranged attackers are hard to get at right away and that curse makes them completely worthless.

Mad Mantis

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Or something into BW or BP to give your character some protection. They can also function as meatshields. Revives might be worth putting one point into. You just might need a few meatshields.