Pluto got creamed.


Pluto got creamed.

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida (AP) -- A costumed Disney World employee was run over and killed by a float during a parade at the Magic Kingdom.

The death occurred in a backstage area near the Splash Mountain ride Wednesday afternoon, said Jim Solomons, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Disney spokeswoman Rena Langley said Javier Cruz, 38, of Orlando, was about to enter the park when he was hit, and she wasn't sure if any visitors witnessed what happened. She said Cruz had worked at the park since 1995 and was the Pluto character in the parade.

Sheriff's spokesman Carlos Torres said the investigation showed the death was accidental. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration also was investigating.

In 1999, a worker in the loading area of the Skyway ride fell to his death, and OSHA fined the park $4,500 for what it called a serious safety violation. The ride was closed later that year.

Happiest place on earth my arse. I know this is a tragedy but all I can concentrate on is the plethora of jokes I can make from this. I know, I'm a horrible person. But really, how do you get run over by a float going 3 mph?

If there is one way I don't want to die it's in a stupid theme park crammed into a giant dog suit run over by the a bunch of people dressed like fairies.


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Poor Pluto, he did get thorougly owned tho. Does the fact that I would use a picture of him being run over with the words PWNED in red make me a bad person?

As Brian would say, "Yes... yes it does make you a bad person." [/FG]


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That poor guy and his family :(

But what do you say at that funeral? "John... John liked to dress up as a big dog. But he got run over by a castle on wheels."