Plotting M'avina's Revenge


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Plotting M'avina's Revenge

I've had it with the disrespect that the general populace has towards a M'avinazon. Just because more than 90% of the idiots out there who try the set don't even know what elemental arrows are doesn't mean the set can't be a basis for a good Frostmaiden or even Mageazon build. In the past couple of months (which really equates to about 10 total gaming sessions because I don't have time), I've gotten my fair share of snarky comments, especially since my character is level 95, albeit built poorly in terms of skill point allocation because the character wasn't originally planned for M'avina's set.

I did some analysis of my character the other day and realized that I had misallocated as many as 33 skill points because I've had this character long before skill synergies, the Annihilus and Hellfire Torch, and expecting that I would actually acquire the whole set (Once upon a time, I used to be poor and M'avina's set was actually moderately expensive). Anyway, I cost myself over 1000 cold damage from freezing arrow with those misspent skill points (many of which ended up in the passives, a few points too many in penetrate and pierce, and five misspent points in strafe).

Thus, I've made the decision to rebuild a level 95 character that I've had since 2001. I've managed to acquire an ethereal Infinity polearm for my future might merc Emilio after I remake the character, so I'm going to make the cold damage matter and try to exclusively use freezing arrow as my primary attack so I hopefully won't ever have to use strafe or multishot unless I get lazy soloing in a private game.

What are some freezing arrow damage numbers to expect out of an optimally built M'avinazon with maxed cold arrow synergies and at least a couple of points in freezing arrow, and then with maxed freezing arrow? I'm doing well under 1000 max cold damage with my screwed up point allocation. I already know what to expect in terms of physical damage, which will never compare to a Windyzon, but can still break 2500 max. I'm only going to be working with 12% mana leech, so I don't want to put all of the remaining skill points I'll have in freezing arrow -- at least, not intially; I'll leave them unallocated.

I would like to solo Baal's minions in a full game while everyone else does absolutely nothing, and I would like to hope that I could kill things quicker than I do now because my killing power in a full game right now is absolutely putrid. I think the Infinity merc will go a long way since none of Baal's minions are cold immune aside from the skeletons in the second pack which I can easily take out with freezing arrow anyway. Some of those minions will really be hurting too because conviction will put their resists well into the negatives.

I think it's time to earn some respect for M'avina Mageazons (I also use maxed Immolation Arrow as well for the freeze and burn combination which has always worked wonders). I'm not so much bothered by the kiddies on as I'm way too old for that, but it would be nice to give them a nice large cup of STFU because I hate people who can't think outside of their tiny box. Besides, it took me long enough to realize I misallocated 33 skill points and it cost my character a ton of killing power in the process over the years.


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Mavina Set is definitely a Frostmaidern set but you need to make the most of your merc to work since Mavina set isn't exactly akin to God's personal smiting tool like ICE is (wmeredith [sry if i misspelt] for the phrase) but it is still workable. A might merc and infinity is the best.

As for damage, with max cold arrow synergy, you deal 1088 Freezing arrow (lvl20) dmg to be exact. With high pierce, you can get the most out of 12% mana leech and remember that ANY source of cold damage will naturally add to the freeze explosion damage AND freeze duration so stack on cold damage.

I do believe a rebuild is in order to get the frost maidern up and running. Immolation arrow has being nerfed ridiculously with the timer so it might not be a good idea.

Btw strafe is a good thing for frostmaiderns, with enough source of cold, you can get off one or 2 strafe with impunity thus filling up your life and mana bulb. Strafe and freezing arrow go hand in hand so abuse that. ;)


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Crunching some numbers I estimate an average mavina frostmaiden can do ab 2k in the splash dmg (20 CA 20 FA +9 ama skills +6 bow skills). Which I certainly thinks it's respectable.

It would be nice if I can see your rebuilt zon in action. I guess you are in USEast NL. I have some chars there if you need some help in lvling or want someone to play with you in hell, just PM me your acct ^^.

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y, my mageazon does 2k cold dmg and im the mavina helm away from completeing the set, i really do abuse strafe, my attac k goes...
FA strafe strafe FA Strafe FA FA FA AStrafe usually, an opeing fa 2 freeze anything really close, then 2Xstrafe 2 deal some dmg and get some mana flowing, then fa with intermediate strafe until dead, i found the fire skills 2 b totally not worth it btw,


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Thanks for the help, everyone. I used a might merc before and I'll get another one with this rebuild. I've already acquired an ethereal Infinity, so I think I'll have made the most out of him. The helm will probably be Andariel's Visage for the life leech and the +2 to skills, and the armor will probably be something to make up for his lack of resists. It would be sweet to get him a Chains of Honor and then swap Andariel's Visage for a Harlequin's Crest, but we'll see about that later.

I've got a handful of cold damage small charms to aid in the freeze explosion and freeze duration, as well as a Raven Frost and a 5/-5 die cold facet in the armor.

The thing with strafe is that I don't want to invest any points in it besides the prerequisite one that will turn into 13 from skill bonuses. I invested an additional four points in the skill in my current build and I think it went to waste. I wasn't using strafe enough to justify putting those extra four points into it. Maybe that will be different when I max out freezing arrow, because it's going to be at level 32 with my skill bonuses and each freezing arrow will cost 24.5 mana. Still, one or two volleys of level 13 strafe should get that mana orb back to full.

I've calculated that I will have enough skill points at level 90 to max out an additional skill in addition to cold arrow and freezing arrow, so I would like to do some work to the fire tree as well. I know it's not the best thing to do with M'avina's, but I will have the skill points and I've always had a M'avina Mageazon in mind more so than a M'avina Frostmaiden. Despite immolation being nerfed with the timer a long time ago, I've still found it can be pretty effective and it has some good potential when synergized, and quite simply, I think it looks cool.

Here's my intended final skill point breakdown needing 92 hard skill points. Add 12 soft points to bow skills and 11 to passive skills from my items. Please feel free to make any suggestions.

20 cold arrow (32)
1 ice arrow (13)
20 freezing arrow (32)

1 magic arrow (13)
1 multishot (13)
1 guided arrow (13)
1 strafe (13)

1 fire arrow (13)
1 exploding arrow (13)
20 immolation arrow (32)

1 inner sight (12)
1 slow missiles (12)
1 decoy (12)
1 valkyrie (12)

1 dodge (12)
1 avoid (12)
1 evade (12)

4 critical strike (15, 63% chance, also have a Highlord's Wrath to assist in my overall chances to double damage)
9 penetrate (20, and it seems to me that this is more than necessary since Infinity will also cut down on monster defense)
5 pierce (16, 82% chance)

Since I intend to ultimately level to 97, where would I invest all the extra unassigned skill points? Work on synergizing immolation arrow?

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penetrate... do u have it anywhere? my ama uses razortail atm, but ill feel that its vastely imporant... multiple hits means much much more dmg =-) not down side, i would say addiation points go here bc i was against the immolation arrow 2 begin with, i think that as you lvl up FA u will find strafe increasingly useful bc 1 volley and mana bulb is full again, it left me able 2 put 0 into energy...


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As you can see above, I've allocated points for penetrate, but not as many as I have now. My current broken build has 26 penetrate, with a freezing arrow AR of 16K and an immolation arrow AR of 20K. If I cut it down to 20, I should still be over 10K for freezing arrow. 23 penetrate still gets me 13K FA with a gimpy short war bow I just bought from Larzuk to look at my character screen with reduced penetrate.

I invested zero in energy stats too, but I have 400+ mana. I will still use strafe to fill my mana orb when needed, but if my AR is high enough, which I expect it will be, I should be free to synergize the fire tree.

Oh, I just noticed you said penetrate and then mentioned Razortail, which is pierce. Did you mean pierce? I have 26 in pierce now for 90%. My new build outlined above would have 82%.


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He will be using Mav set so razortail is out of the equation. As for the Immolation, i still agree its not a good idea but with that many plus skills you have little probs hitting the 1K damage range with a few fire charms or add more pts into Explosive arrow.


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i have created a similar zon about 6 months ago, and i really have to say i wasn't at all happy with the result

roughly what i used was:
the set, helm/armor socketed w/edias, bow w/amn
about 6 bowsks w/3x life, anni, torch etc
might merc w/infi

don't remember exactly how much dmg i had at the end, but it was quite good (about 2.5k or so), and with infi i could do some serious dmg even when there were 4-6 players

but i had problems with the char,which i hope you'll find a fix for:
- first, you need a lot of mana leech and/or a large mana pool; sure you can always switch to strafe to get some mana back but that brings us to the second problem
- mavina's set bow is simply to weak, you won't be able to kill a zombie in hell blood moor 8pl with it... seriously, and strafing with it just doesn't refill fast enough
- the somewhat more significant issue is the fact that infinity, great as it may be, WILL NOT break any cold immunities at all, so basically you're facing about the same issue pure cold sorcs tend to have, minus the teleport to bypass the trouble - so you'll need to fight or run, simple
of course you offer the solution via the immolation arrow but honestly, i wouldn't put my money on it, many people have tried it and apparently it just doesn't cut it

anyways i soon figured out the char wasn't as great as i expected and stopped playing her after about lvl 85


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Thanks for the insight, Leohappy. Right now, I don't actually experience the leeching problem that other people have because I've yet to max out freezing arrow. I can actually leech a ton of mana with freezing arrow because it's not maxed. After the rebuild, I'll be synergizing with cold arrow before maxing freezing arrow and figure out what to do from there. Hopefully I can work out something, but I am aware that mana leech could be an issue because 16 mana per shot is quite different from 24.5 mana per shot. I could always use Crescent Moon and build around that instead of Highlord's Wrath if absolutely necessary.

With regard to Infinity not breaking cold immunities, I've read up on why that happens and I can deal with it. I've had to deal with the same cold immunities without a great M'avina build and without Infinity, and my physical damage isn't going to change much after rebuilding the character. I usually end up switching to multishot or strafe when I encounter cold immunes and just deal with the slower killing speed. I currently keep an increased damage M'avina's Caster in weapon slot 1 and one socketed with Nef in weapon slot 2 to keep monsters that can't be frozen away from me. I should be able to get the job done with strafe or multishot and the fire tree. What's still cold immune from conviction will usually be heavily in the red in fire resistance, which is really the beauty of conviction and dealing multi-elemental damage.

My typical gameplay habits with my M'avinazon mostly include Countess key running which I solo, cow running, and Baal running, so I'm not terribly concerned. If I can rectify some of the problems I've had with my broken build, I'll be pleased. If I end up finding Infinity to be a disappointment, I'll pawn it off on my Javazon's merc.

I know that even with an optimized build, this set is still flawed, but I think it can still be great at what it does, especially in the areas of the game which I frequent. This is an underdog build that I enjoy, but more importantly to me, I recognize the fact that I misallocated so many points in my current build that I would like to rectify those mistakes and see the improvement. I've never misplaced more than a handful of skill points in a character, much less 33, and this came to me very late because it was already a non-standard build that was originally a piecemeal job on my part.