Please Sir, I'd like some more (Comp upgrade advice)


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Hey Guys I need some tech help, I posted up in my own country's major tech forum and got lots of 1 or 2 word "why dont you know as much as me answers"
I know there are tons of sites out there for tech help but honestly, I don't know them, where as I know you guys at least enough to know you are not dicks and are genuinely helpful most of the time lol :D

I have a computer with these specs

intel Core i7 6700 @ 3.40GHz (Stock cooler, God.... I have no idea what possessed me to not buy the K series model.... I want to upper-cut me from 3 years ago....)
16.0GB Adata 2400mhz ram
ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Z170-AR (LGA1151) (Can support up to 3400 speed ram, maybe upgrade too?)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (Gigabyte)
500gb intel p600 ssd
1tb seagate hdd
VX2457 ([email protected])

I want to upgrade my monitor to one of those tasty 1440p 120/144/165 htz screens and be able to play most new games over the next 2-3 years in max/high settings and be hitting at least 60+ FPS (obviously within reason as there are no guarantees lol)
I play Games like Far Cry, destiny 2, ARK, Res Evil, PubG, D3 (although can do that on a calculator im pretty sure) but also more intense games like BF1, Doom, fallout, tomb raider.

I have done enough research to know that my mobo can apparently support Both GTX and RTX series cards (correct me if im wrong) AND with a bios update could also support 7th gen (but not 8th) CPU's like a 7700K

So my question simply is this, which Graphics card can I get away with for those goals?
Also is it worth my while swapping out my ram to 32gb of 3400 speed coursair vengance pro RGB as I could then use that when I build a whole new rig in 3 years?. Ram= Good idea or waste of money?

One final note, A brief look at benchmarks suggest (from what I can tell atleast) that my 6700 cpu (not K) wont be holding back my FPS much if I upgrade my GPU..... or am I wrong?


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I cannot comment on the monitor. I am sure others can, however. But the ram question is one I see a lot at other forums, like toms hardware and bleeping computer, which are my two go to forums for computer advice. The general consensus is that 32Gb is not quite ready for prime time. I don't know of any game that requires even 16Gb min spec right now. So while you don't need it for gaming right now, if you do video editing the extra ram would come in handy.

Personally, I wouldn't buy 32Gb until I need it. Improvements could be made in memory speeds and technology before then so I would wait. If it is three years for the next build, I would wait to buy the 32Gb until then. Do you really want to use 3 year old sticks in a new build?

You can also go to pc part picker and put in your components or wished for components to see if there are any conflicts.


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The first two of the three sites that Dacar mentioned are ones I'd used for decision support previously.

I, too, can't really speak to video cards, but I've noticed a tendency of "go big or go home" regarding Windows games. It seems like if you don't buy the bleeding-ultra-best-mortgage-inducing top-of-the-line card, you sometimes won't even be able to play DLC when it comes out. It's a conspiracy, to be sure.

As for BIOS updates, they're no longer the tricky prospect they used to be; I actually was to the point of having a scripted one deployed via SCCM policy, and only had around 3 failures in over 500 machines. Those failures, tho... doorstop city.


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If I understood you correctly, your computer is 3 years old. In that case, I wouldn't change anything of it. Just try how it's working out with that you have now. It will probably do well. It's a waste of money to buy high-end computer stuff in anticipation of softwere that might be realeased in the future, even if it's just a week. If such a future game is going to be released, wait until you have it and check how it works out. If it doesn't, sell it as a whole and then buy a new one, but not any earlier. That will probably save you a lot of money.

Bitcoin prices have been plummeting massively in the recent months, so many mining farms became inefficient which leads to a lot of used high-end graphics cards being available for rather low prices. That might be an option, although these gfx cards might have a usage time of 10000 hours or so, with issues like squeaking or defect coolers etc.


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Yeah I wouldn't buy a used graphics card ever. Not one used for mining and not one used by a friend. There's enough risk in buying a new one that everything works well. When I built my last PC I was nervous about everything working well when I turned it on. So many stories out there about components not working. Buy new and buy when you need it, not earlier.