Please Read - New SPF Rules and Community Stickies

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Hi Everyone,
Hopefully everyone has seen there are two new stickies:

SPF Rules
Please everyone, new and old, read the rules carefully. There are changes. Thy and I have been round and round the loop on several of these, I can assure you all the discussions were not easy as in the SPF rules nothing is necessarily black and white. Generally, the rules have been tightened up. Maybe not as tight as some would like, maybe tighter than others would like. If that is the case we have probably achieved a good balance :)

SPF Community and links
This will remain open, subject to replies being sensible. No rules discussion here please.

If anyone has any rules related questions, please send us a message. We will try and answer the points raised back into this thread, but we are not going to leave this open to replies.
Not open for further replies.